Apr 302016
Tales of Link Wiki Guide Tips Tricks Cheats Walkthrough

A Tales of Link Wiki with related info including Guides, Tips, Tricks, Cheats, Walkthroughs and more. Tales of Link is a free-to-play RPG available for download free on Google Play. Be sure to check back to this Wiki in the near future for Tales of Link new and updated content on Guide, Tips, Walkthrough and […]

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Apr 302016
Top 10 Things Guys Need Want In A Female Companion

These are the Top 10 things I feel a man is looking for more than other qualities in a female. If your in the mood for a little romance with a hint of violence then Deadpool is the movie for you, your loved ones may or may not thank you. If your relationship is on […]

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Apr 162016
Deadbreed Best Artifacts Melee Power Armor Ranged Movement

Deadbreed Best Artifacts info and polls to help get an edge over the competition. Artifacts belong to 5 different classes which include Melee, Power, Armor, Ranged and Movement. Artifacts are Unique in Deadbreed with only one being available during a game. Held Spirit, Blood and Nectar can be socketed into an empty Artifact slot. When […]

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Apr 162016
Deadbreed Best Hero Character Classes Tips Tricks

Deadbreed Best Hero/Character and Classes info with Tips & Tricks. Deadbreed is very new so check back in the future for updated content on potential new characters. For right now I have just thrown up some quick verbage on the line-up, but have included some polls so folks can get more of a group opinion. […]

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Apr 102016
Age of Conquest IV Best Nations Units Tactics

An Age of Conquest IV Best Nations, Units and Tactics post with info and polls to give players a better idea of what to do and things to look out for. Overall there’s not much of a difference between nations besides placement. Use the modding feature to manipulate boards for more of what you want. […]

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Apr 092016
Age of Conquest IV Wiki Guide Tips Cheats Walkthrough

Age of Conquest IV Wiki with Guides, Tips, Walkthroughs, Cheats and more. Age of Conquest IV is a Free to Play Risk-like turn-based strategy wargame available for download on Age of Conquest IV on Steam. Check back for updated wiki info including Age of Conquest IV Guides, Tips, Cheats, Walkthroughs and more. Age of Conquest […]

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