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Potatoes – Potatoes must be harvested in order to advance. Your basically working in a field with unlimited potatoes and trying to increase your farming speed. The more spuds you acquire the better upgrades you can acquire increasing the speed at which potatoes can be click harvested.

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Capsules – These are randomly obtained while tapping the green button to obtain resources.

Turbo Clicking – You can use a program called Xpadder to map put a button and put a turbo option on it. I hear that macro is a process of doing so as well. There are probably many more alternatives for gaining auto clicking, but my knowledge of them is small.


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How To Play – Click the button for more potatoes for a rapid amount of potatoes. Using a turbo option like Xpadder or macro. Purchase farmers to auto farm though it’s very slow. This game may be broken as the rate at getting things is so slow and the only real way to move ahead is to purchase Scientists. A much better game of the same type has been released called Ragnarok Clicker, much more wih higher chance for paid currency free drops.

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