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Age of Conquest IV Wiki Guide Tips Cheats WalkthroughAn Age of Conquest IV Best Nations, Units and Tactics post with info and polls to give players a better idea of what to do and things to look out for. Overall there’s not much of a difference between nations besides placement. Use the modding feature to manipulate boards for more of what you want.

For more game related info check the Age of Conquest IV Wiki Guide Tips Cheats Walkthrough or more.


When playing the game for the first time you should go through the tutorials as it can be very confusing at first for some folks. It will help get you on the right track the fastest if you tough out some learning in the beginning. Reducing the number of AI nations can have a big effects on difficulty and game completion speed.

Objectives – These can be use to drastically change gameplay and how you win. If you not having fun with one try another until you find what good.

  • Supremacy – Win by controlling most of the map.
  • Domination – Win by controlling the whole map.
  • Annihilation – Defeat all enemy troops for victory.
  • Capture the Flag – Hold a map location for a period of time to win.
  • Defense – Defend yourself against the incoming enemy wave for a prolong time to become victorious.


I like units cause they help me in the game. Use coins to purchase things during gameplay to increase your offense and defense for the long haul.

Best Nations

Unless your using the modding feature the best Age of Conquest IV nations will play a big part in the starting position which in turn can have dramatic effects on the outcome of the game. Besides positioning nations don’t seem to have any noticeable differences other than color. In other similar war like strategies each nation can have unique bonuses and traits that give a player something special to play with giving slight advantage over others of another nation.

Below is a poll that can be voted on up to 3 times for what you think are the best Age of Conquest IV nations:

Age of Conquest IV Best Nations

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