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Age of Conquest IV Wiki Guide Tips Cheats WalkthroughAge of Conquest IV Wiki with Guides, Tips, Walkthroughs, Cheats and more. Age of Conquest IV is a Free to Play Risk-like turn-based strategy wargame available for download on Age of Conquest IV on Steam.

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Age of Conquest IV Wiki, Guide & Tips

Age of Conquest IV Best Nations Units Tactics – Right now there are 19 different nations to choose from while playing.

Coins – Coins are spent on products like subscriptions, maps and many in-game features. Coins can be earned from winning games and logging in each day.

Modding – Modding is used to customize all kinds of game features letting you manipulate tons of game aspects for a very user formed gameplay style. Mods can also be the equivalent of using cheats in many different ways.

Multiplayer – Play and chat with other people online from around the world who have Age of Conquest IV on the PC, Mac and Steam. Coins can be used to purchase different online game features. Inside Multiplayer there are many options like Your Rooms & Games, Rating & Awards, Notifications, ELO Rating, Available Rooms, Discussions, Message Board and more.

Promo Deal – Enter different promo deal and coupon codes for bonuses and potential added in-game affects.

Single Player – Play solo or with up to 16 more people physically in hot seat mode. Earn various in-game achievements and keep track of certain statistics. Can save games and play later.


Gameplay looks a lot like other popular war strategy game, but play style is much different. Make sure to go through all the tutorial if your new or you’ll probably be pretty lost when it come to completing a game victorious.

Cheats & Console Codes

So far there doesn’t seem to be any Age of Conquest IV cheats or console codes available for changing different game settings and features. Check back in the future for anything new or feel free to leave any helpful information in the comment below. Your best bet is to use the modding feature for customization of different things.

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