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SEO Website How To Wiki Guide Tips Tricks CheatsGoogle SEO Guide To Ranking #1 and how to get massive traffic with WordPress and other SEO friendly mediums.

How to rank #1 and get massive traffic easy. Just target keywords people are looking for and put up content every day to rank in search engines. When blogging every day posts will be aloud to get more traffic based on a working harder algorithm, so if you can put more posts or content per day you’ll rank higher in search engines and get more traffic. Must be original and semi accurate on the point information for many things though once a site is ranking correctly (2weeks-1month+) way less content can be put into posts to the equivalent of spamish content.

Adsense & Other Ads

The best place to put Adsense ads for more clicks is inside the content area. Using a WordPress plugin called Quick Adsense makes inserting ads easily and fast into the content area of posts and pages. Headers, sidebars and footers are some of the worst places to put ads for more clicks.

Setting Up A Website

Google Webmaster Tools – Add www and non-www versions or your domain, then select one option for permanent use. Submit a stiemap.xml manually when your website is ready to get traffic or has basic content for visitors like Contact Us, Terms and conditions/Privacy Policy, Social linked and at least one post/page of original content. The more content you put online through posts, pages, videos and other types the faster you site will be indexed on a regular basis. Adding content every day always and never missing days is one of the easiest ways to get indexed fasts on Google search after publishing online, after a couple weeks to a month you could easily be put in search engines minutes after publishing a post or page with text content.

Domain Names – Putting keywords in domain names will help you rank for them. Words that are made up should only be used for things like businesses or creativity. If your trying and hoping to rank for a keyword putting it in your domain will help you rank for it guaranteed. Small is usually better for easy remembering though most seem to be taken. Combining different short keywords is a good way to find domain names. Always using a hook word like guide or tip that work good in any niche can help. Using an “s” on the end of words like guides and tips is assumed and by adding the “s” you are wasting space if domain length is a concern.

Words mean other things, example FAQ will light up wiki and guide in Google search urls and snippets. Google algorithm seems to have word relations in search algorithm for delivering related content. Might want to avoid doubling up related words in some cases with domain names which can be a huge loss for keyword targeting.

FAQ = Wiki, Guide,
Guide = Tips
Tips = FAQ
Wiki = Guide, FAQ

If you put up a wiki for a video game before it comes out like a new Sim City on a domain name with a copyright violation like TipWikia, someone from Wikia will shut you down with lawyer threats and host provider deletion warnings if things get or take enough traffic.

Social Media – Make sure to connect as many social media accounts as you can including Facebook, Google and Twitter. The more you share your content online through different avenues the more links will be pointing back to your website. Always fill out everything they have for input like small and large descriptions and most importantly spots for links back to your website. Having content auto post to social accounts and pages will increase the speed of it showing up in the search engine.


Search Engine Optimization or SEO is what folks are probably most concerned about these day as it is directly tied to traffic.

7 Day Rule – Google in many cases will adjust a websites improvements/mistakes on the weekends specifically on Sunday. When making any corrections or placing new content traffic should be looking better and receiving more traffic on Saturday and the most on Sunday. For the best result ina week period post some new every day or better yet a massive load of new original from your mouth or someone else type content.

allintitle: – You can easily gauge competition for keywords by using secret search techniques while typing words into Google search. Instead of searching for “Best Pink Puppies” in Google search and getting search results along with an “About 3,580,000 results (0.17 seconds)” statistic, type “allintitle: Best Pink Puppies”. This will produce an “About 694 results (0.17 seconds)” with a much lower results #. The “About 694 results” now represent how many other website are targeting the keywords “ Best Pink Puppies” in the title. This can be used to easily gauge how hard something will be to rank for. You could get the #1 spot on Google search results by choosing word combinations with low “About #’s”. This lets you easily gauge your next step so you can at least know getting on first page wont be an issue, but will the traffic be there is the next hurdle, for this you can roll the dice or use popularity indicators like review or download counts.

Dominating A Niche – To take over a niche and rank high for most keywords the best way is to be the first to put up content about it, then build a main post/page like a wiki or guide and linking back to it from all the other related content in the niche. So if you like red shoes have a “Red Shoe Wiki Guide Tips Tricks Walkthrough, Help FAQ” main page, then when making new posts like “Red Shoe Glitter Slip Proof Cheap Best Buy” and “Red Shoe Buying Guide Do’s Dont’s Bulk Sale” link back to the main wiki navigation which has an organized listing of all your red shoe content. Putting up content about the same thing in different ways gives you a ranking bonus in Google search.

First Come First Serve – Putting up content about things first online is the best way to rank for keywords. There are possible many things you could name right now that are not available yet like movies, video games, technology and really limitless others that have not been talked about online. Traffic can tend to really increase online when something is available for consumption to the public. Basic or obviously searched for query information like guides can be talked lightly about to warm up in the search engines, then when a product comes out like the next Inotia game your ready to put up real content about the niche. By going back and and content to the Inotia guide you ‘ll rank high when traffic starts coming in during consumer consumption traffic spikes. This can often lead to massive high traffic spikes out of the gate with traffic slowing down to a moderate health profitable traffic source.

Finding Keywords – This is one of people biggest issues, where to find keywords that have traffic you can rank for. Look for places with ranking systems, reviews like Steam or Android games, new products or technology, movies and other popular things. They will have content with many reviews or download counts. Try to find things that aren’t out yet, then pre-emptive strike put up content for keywords you know they may be looking for like in general guides, tips, tricks, cheats, best or obvious keywords someone might look for in a next installment like part 2 of a upcoming video games, movie, product release.

Images & Photo’s – Make sure pictures go through a good photo editor like Photoshop to reduce file size for faster page loading speeds. Most picture can be reduced dramatically without loosing picture quality. JPEG is the best for the smallest file size with 80% being close to a graphically lossless file size reduction, PNG can often make the biggest file size, though is often needed for transparent backgrounds.

Keyword Optimization – Put most or all keywords your targeting in a page title like “Zelda Guide Tip Trick FAQ Cheat Walkthrough”, then put the same keywords in text 2-3+ times. These will be the words you have the best chance in ranking for. Try to fill titles with only relevant keywords your targeting that fit in the Google Search results snipit. Example:

BAD “A Fish Guide and Walkthrough for Lake New York with Tips” – Has too many small general words like a, for and with.

GOOD “Fish Guide Walkthrough Lake New York Tips Tricks FAQ” – Has more main keywords that people are typing. Though words like a, for, and with look and sound good Google says specifically repeatedly just use the main big words. This is probably because the things that people really type in to find your content may include many of the smaller general words. Posts and content seem to rank way better for title keywords than anything in on-page content, though both together are a must have for SEO. Make sure you put all the keywords in the content that atre in the title and try to speech naturaly how you normally would with sociopath behavior. in the content once naturally and mention the one.

Inside the content area of a page or post you’ll want to include other related words users would type in looking around in the same niche and things you couldn’t fit in your title. Google likes lots of posts a day 2-3+ and/or big posts that take many days with lots of revisions. If you have good toying skills then this shouldn’t be a problem. The system is completely rigged as increasing content output rate will also magically raise the ranking of other on-site content. Google Search Engines like words and the more total words your whole website has the healthier your website will look. Adding links, videos, pictures and other things to increase search position.

Recommended Search (http://keywordtool.io/) – When typing words into Google Search a box will pop up showing things that other people typed in next. These are often listed to in order of popularity though Google bubble manipulation can change things completely making high traffic keywords show lower on the list or not at all. At first only a few result will show along with what you may have typed recently, by going into Search Settings and changing the Results Per Page slider to 20, saving, then changing it back to 10 again you change to recommended search pop-up so it shows 10 results and not 3-4. Use the website http://keywordtool.io/ for a larger list of related keywords.

YouTube – To rank higher in the search engines and on YouTube upscale or record a video in 4k. Out of the 2000+ videos I have uploaded to the internet these where the first that landed on the #1 search results in Google search with higher up YouTube search rankings. Putting links into YouTube video descriptions can help rank there destination lactation faster. Embeding YouTube videos containing ads is a legal way to have more than 3 on a page.

WordPress Themes

WordPress is the easiest website platform to get a website up and running fast, easy and free.

Best Free

Suffusion – This theme apparently has more settings than any other free WordPress themes. It also has a Custom Includes section that can be used to manipulate a websites code/look very easily using Firebug.

Best Paid

Avada $59 – A paid theme that works with WordPress and has loads of setting with a sharper modern feeling for an easily good looking website. There are a ton of paid themes out there and I would guess that most of them are close to useless when compared to some of the better ones out there. Avada is one of the best you’ll find for paid themes with it’s many features and ability to utilize WordPress fully.

WordPress Plugins

Broken Link Checker – Will alert when a link is no longer good on a website and let you fix many different aspect of it fast and easy.
Dynamic Widgets – This lets you place widgets like Text according to different specifications like category or certain pages/posts. If you have Adsense then there are probably a few websites areas that can still hold the maximum amount of ads, this will let you target those areas.
External Links – This can be used to include no-follows on links with a few other options, My personal favorite is the wiki-like symbols for off website links which lets visitors know when their leaving.
Google Captcha (reCAPTCHA) by BestWebSoft – This will help prevent things like brute force hacker attempts for logins and slow the tide of comment spam. Might also want to use a WordPress nickname instead of your login user name for posting author for added security.
Google XML Sitemaps – This will send you sitemap.xml to Google automatically every time you publish something.
Jetpack by WordPress.com – Has 37+ plugins built into one package, can deactivate any plugin to save resources. I use it for the free traffic monitoring tools and auto shares to social media.
Quick Adsense – Lets you place Adsense ads automatically anywhere inside the body of posts and pages. Works really good for adding/changing the ad placement on multiple pages in the snap of a finger.
UpdraftPlus – Backup/Restore – Lets you easily create a backup of your website in one click and automatically. If things go bad in many situations just reload a backup.
W3 Total Cache – A type of cache plugin that can speed up a website in many ways, here’s a W3 Total Cache setup video 2m:54s.
Wordfence Security – Will help against tons of spam and hacker activity right out of the box.
WordPress Related Posts – When putting this on the bottom of posts and pages it can help generate higher on site time with traffic. Doing so might also give your Google search traffic an overall increase site wide due to some kind of favorable on site linking.
WP-Polls – Place polls free without limitations. Polls are good for all kinds of things and tell users that real content exists here. High traffic with the right poll quests will often lead to high search engine rankings.

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