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Card Wars Kingdom Wiki Guide Tips Tricks Cheats FAQ PollsA Card Wars Kingdom: Adventure Time Card Game Wiki with Guides, Tips, Tricks, Cheats, FAQ, Polls and more. Card Wars Kingdom and Card Wars 2 are both the same game developed by Cartoon Network and is available free for download on Android at Google Play and iOS on iTunes.

Wiki & Guide – Card Wars Kingdom

Team – The Team Management area is where you can arrange the different characters/heroes acquired for use in battles. Space is limited and can be increases by spending gems by scrolling right and tapping Increase Inventory.

Battles –

Laboratory –

Store –

Treasure Cave – This is where you spend Bones and red Gems to get more characters. Tapping right will allow for 1 free Daily draw with a chance for  a rare hero.

Tips & Tricks

Free Bones & Gems – By completing Daily missions you can earn bones and gems. These missions will only be available once each day.

Haste Cards – These can be used to decrease the amount of energy a creature needs to move each turn by one. When using this with creatures that need two energy point to move, lowering it to one, you can have many actions allowing for high DPS. Haste cards can be acquired by the corresponding character who brings it to the table, some have multiple haste cards in the deck.

Treasure Cave Free Daily – This can be used to get a free chance at obtaining a premium or rare character. This can be accessed by tapping the Treasure Cave area and then tapping Daily on the top right.



Dying – If you loose all your players on the field you will die game over, even if you have more creature cards available. Make sure to keep as many creatures on the board as possible or make sure to keep them all out before loosing.  Upon loosing you will have the option to spend 100 gems to start again where you left off with a full player deck, this can be used to maek hard stages much more easy to complete.



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