Dec 182016
Hill Climb Racing 2 Achievements List & Requirements

Below is a Hill Climb Racing 2 Achievements List & Requirements which can be accessed in game by going into the settings and tapping the Achievements button. Having the right vehicle can make all the difference when trying to complete all achievements so check out our Hill Climb Racing 2 Best Vehicle post to find […]

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Oct 102016
Juggernaut Champions Achievements Free Sapphire Paid Currency

Juggernaut Champions Achievements can be completed for free sapphire or bonus paid currency. Some are pretty quick to complete and offer large bonuses, especially the single star Achievements. These are a great place to start before deciding to spend money on the app as you may earn enough to complete your goal. Upon completing 30, […]

 Posted by on October 10, 2016 at 4:08 pm Achievements, Free, Juggernaut Champions