Dec 232016
Tap Titans 2 Best Artifacts Relic Hero Pet Prestige Time Guide

Tap Titans 2 Best Artifacts, Relic, Heroes, Pets, Prestige Time Guide with more relevant information for consumption. This post is lacking certain more in-depth content new to the game being new and certain things taking time to unlock. Check back in the near future for added advice. View Tap Titans 2 Wiki, Guide, Tips, Cheats […]

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Dec 192016
Call Of Last Agent COLA Best Rifle Shotgun Pistol Sniper Melee Weapon

Call Of Last Agent COLA Best Rifle, Shotgun, Pistol, Sniper, and Melee Weapon info to hopefully help save in upgrade costs. I haven’t unlocked all the weapons yet so some are missing. If you would like to list the weapons that are missing in the comment it would be extremely helpful. Visit the Call Of […]

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Dec 182016
Super Villain War: Lost Heroes Best Heroes Villains Defense Support Attack Type Poll

Super Villain War: Lost Heroes Best Heroes, Villains, Defense, Support, and Attack Type along with Polls for a better group opinion. Right now there are 137 different playable characters to choose from which is a pretty large amount. For the most part the higher the rarity or stars the better they are. A good tips […]

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Oct 142016
PewDiePie's Tuber Simulator Best Items Categories Niche Poll

PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator Best Items & Categories/Niche information for public consumption, find Fiends & Followers here. For more info visit PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator Wiki & Guide Best Items The best items are gonna be the ones that have the highest level and effect multiple categories along with size. When reaching level 6 you’ll get your […]

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Oct 102016
Juggernaut Champions Best Heroes Characters Abilities Skills List

Juggernaut Champions Best Heroes/Characters and their Abilities/Skills. It’s may be self explanatory, but the best Juggernaut Champions heroes are the ones that cost the most to get. After a short time the stronger heroes will pull all the slack and weaker heroes will only be useful for their abilities and skills unlocked every few levels. […]

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Oct 092016
Dr. Joel Wallach Wiki Bio Cure Prevent Cancer Disease Birth Defects Youngevity

Dr. Joel Wallach Wiki & Bio along with how to naturally Cure and Prevent Cancer, Disease, Birth Defects and most things that cause pain and defects to the human body by taking the 90 Essential Nutrients. This Dr. Joel Wallach Wiki and Bio can be updated regularly so check back for new content in the […]

Oct 082016
Prevent Cure Birth Defects Diabetes Heart Disease Alzheimer Blindness 90 Essential Nutrients Dr. Joel Wallach

Dr. Joel Wallach explains how we can prevent and cure just about all diseases and illness in the world with the 90 Essential Nutrients including things like Birth Defects, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Alzheimer, Blindness and an absolute ton more. Many people might not know, but it’s actually legal right now in the US to give […]

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Oct 082016
Best TwinzTV Pranks Stealing Rope Elec Airbag Bikes Purses Grab Pee Poop In Bathroom

Best TwinzTV pranks including people stealing bikes they’ve been tied with ropes, hooking up electric tasers to seats/ handle bars and using airbags hidden in seats to throw off riders. Probably don’t want to try these things at home ever since you’ll probably go to jail. There are also clips of TwinzTV grabbing people under […]

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Oct 062016
Best Natural Chicken Feed ArthryDex Antibiotic Oregano Marjoram Sage Lavender Parsley Mint Parsley Herbs Vitamins Minerals

Raising healthy chickens isn’t hard if you have the natural foods they need, the healthier the chicken the better the eggs, meat and pet intelligent quality. Using herbs and the best complete nutritional supplement like ArthryDex for all recommended vitamins and minerals will ensure your chickens are the healthiest in the world. Though vitamins are in […]

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Sep 062016
Fortress Legends Best Skills Jobs Attack & Defense Slot

Fortress Legends Best Skills & Jobs for Attack & Defense Slot information with a poll for user opinions. For more related info visit the Fortress Legends Wiki & Guide with Tips & Tricks, Cheats, Polls, FAQ. Attack & Defense Slot Skills The Defense Slot Skills can be accesses by the Avatar/Character Photo>Attack/Defense Slot>Skill on the […]

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Apr 162016
Deadbreed Best Artifacts Melee Power Armor Ranged Movement

Deadbreed Best Artifacts info and polls to help get an edge over the competition. Artifacts belong to 5 different classes which include Melee, Power, Armor, Ranged and Movement. Artifacts are Unique in Deadbreed with only one being available during a game. Held Spirit, Blood and Nectar can be socketed into an empty Artifact slot. When […]

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