Oct 082016
Crisco American Heart Association Scam Machine Oil NOT FOOD Illegal

Did you know Crisco products that are purchased in grocery stores and used for cooking aren’t even food, it’s really machine oil invented by Wilhelm Norman somewhere around the 1900’s. Crisco was bought by Procter and Gamble who bribed American Heart Association with $1.7 million to say it was better than natural alternatives like butter, cream […]

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Oct 082016
Cure Prevent Birth Defects & Cancer Dr. Joel Wallach Lee Ann McAdoo

Here is some of the most important information on earth when it comes to living a long healthy life and have healthy children and families. With the 90 Essential Nutrients you can Cure and Prevent Birth Defects & Cancer. Dr. Joel Wallach is interviewed by Lee Ann McAdoo in the video below and shares some […]

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