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counter-shot-best-hero-power-fighter-vs-quiet-sniper-guide-tipsCounter Shot Best Hero analysis between Power Fighter and Quiet Sniper Guide with Tips. For the most part there really isn’t a difference when it comes to choosing a hero in Counter Shot besides shooting range. They both start with the same stats and have the same path through the game without and noticeable difference from what I’m aware of. You can by the other hero right away for 500 Diamonds by tapping the avatar and tapping the arrows.

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The best hero in Counter Shot comes down to physical appearance and preference since there seems to be no difference in gameplay if you choose one hero over the other besides shooting range. I would prefer Quite Sniper over Power Fight for her long range and ability to stay further away from damage increasing longevity.

After starting the game you’ll  have a chance to purchase the other hero for 500 diamonds. Though you can have both heroes the will level up different according to who is equipped.

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