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crashing-season-tips-tricks-cheats-guide-best-poll-guide-faq-wikiCrashing Season Tips and Tricks Cheat Guide with Best Poll, FAQ Wiki link and more. Crashing Season is a good time killer though the time for recharging energy can be dramatic. Moving time ahead can make the game funner to play.

The Crashing Season best character poll below can be helpful to find the best animal to attack with on average, though the Fox is most expensive/fastest/turning, but can be hard to control.

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Crashing Season Best Character Poll

Crashing Season Best Character poll so the public can go to battle on some serious issues, which character is best over all. You can vote for just 1 one the poll or you can vote for all of them for whatever reason it may be justified.  Right now 5 characters are available starting with the Bear for free, then you’ll have to use koins to purchase the rest which include the Moose, Wild Boar, Alligator and Fox. Very shortly most of the characters become available, though the fox can take a slightly longer time to obtain.

Crashing Season Best Character

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Crashing Season Cheats

Speed Cheat For some control might be a concern when trying to achieve higher achievements. Using slower characters can help with control while faster characters can help avoid projectile and take advantage of time obstacles. There may be some kind of app that can slow the game down, going into developers settings and selecting show screen updates can slow down or lag a game.


This below gameplay video shows simple techniques for running around in one direction in an attempt to complete objectives in a short amount of runs.

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