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darkest-dungeon-review-video-game-terrorism-trash-garbage-waste-of-time-moneyA Darkest Dungeon Review with some serious unloading on how horrible this game is. Arthur Conan Doyle has a ways to go before he/she understand what a video game is about. The amount of stress caused by this game should be met with a class action law suit that forces the dev to leave the country. Between the severe amount of pauses during battle to the over the top difficulty the game is easily the worst game I have ever played. If your planning on spending money on Darkest Dungeon I would download a free torrent file first before wasting your cash or you’ll probably be extremely unhappy. Is this part of some kind of world elite end game to cause stress in peoples lives for and America takeover cause that’s what it looks like. Dear Arthur Conan Doyle, you suck huge crappy balls and your employees and player are completely unhappy with your power and control creation.

Over Difficult

The difficulty in this game is past extreme and when you combine the amount of time it take to do things from battle actions to moving through dungeons it’s a huge waste of time. IT’S 2017!!!!, people shouldn’t be this dumbed down, but looks like the devs are having a hard time with the water and nutrition. I bet your kids have giant black rings around their eyes from too much Mountain Dew poison and no sleep because daddy is playing house like a retarded imbread caveman clown ass.

Don’t Play, Don’t Buy, Run Run Run

It’s just amazing how many people make video games hoping it will be the next big thing when in the end most are trash like Darkest Dungeon. This game is obviously being promoted by people who have connections to game advertisers and steam because the top 50 game of all time thing is a complete lie, stupid stupid stupid brain dead lievertisers.

Darkest Dungeon Review

Can you feel the negative energy from this post yet? You will understand after playing this game. This Darkest Dungeon Review is to warn people before wasting time and money on this gamer rage trap. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Darkest Dungeon Hack Attack

You can tell be the developers website that these guy have been under attack by hackers which is probably rightfully so. There is know doubt in my mind that this game is some kind of terrorism to cause negativity in the heard for destabilization purposes of a side effect of extremely poor awareness.

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