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day-r-survival-wiki-guide-tips-cheats-walkthrough-download-premium-apkDay R Survival Wiki with Guides, Tips & Tricks, Cheats, Walkthrough and more. Day R Survival is an immense open world RPG that’s full free to play with a premium version that makes things easier.

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Day R Survival Wiki & Guide

Tips & Tricks

Searching – You can search a location multiple times to get even more items. When there is nothing left to find you’ll get a message saying the place is empty. Keep in mind that much time is used when searching.


Day R Survival cheats are pretty much none existent unless your a hacker. The premium version offers more options like save anywhere, discounts and less limitations.


Day R Survival has a very large amount of terrain to explore with many dangers. It’s always a good idea to make sure you have enough food and water along with an exit plan encase things get out of hand. Be sure to save often so if you die you wont have to start back too far.

Download & Premium apk

Day R Survival Download on Google Play

Day R Survival Premium Apk Download on Google Play

Day R Survival Download on iTunes

Day R Survival Premium Apk Download on iTunes

Benefits of Premium version:

  • 1000 caps every game
  • 20% discount in the shop
  • Button “Disable ad”
  • Save in any place
  • Chat without any limitations
  • Sending parcels without any limitations
  • Access to all kinds and colors of map markers.


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  1. I watched your video while I was already in a game id ben playing for a while, and it did help me alot so thank you. If you can give me any tips on how to hurry things up on the free version, until I can get the full version, that would be GREAT!

  2. Nice game!:-)

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