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Deadbreed Best Hero Character Classes Tips TricksDeadbreed Best Hero/Character and Classes info with Tips & Tricks. Deadbreed is very new so check back in the future for updated content on potential new characters. For right now I have just thrown up some quick verbage on the line-up, but have included some polls so folks can get more of a group opinion.

Check out more info on the Best Artifacts along with stats and other precious knowledge that may help you succeed.


Brimstone (Fighter) – An up close and personal type of character this one come equip with some big moves including group invincibility and group stunning which can be a huge tide turner when used correctly.

Brood (Tank) – Being the only tank this hero will probably get a lot of attention since a tank is one of the most useful tools in a group fighting situation.

Cinder (Assassin) – As an assassin Cinder is meant to get up close and personal. Can move in close and fast behind a target and leave just as fast when retreating.

Corpus (Fighter) – Likes to be close to the enemy when dealing damage and can slow enemies.

Demonata (Assassin) – This hero has more aof a support type skill set including invisibility. Also has the ability to heal party members or trade health with enemies or allies.

Domini (Fighter) – Come equip with life steal that can pass over to allies for absorbing HP from enemy units. Can also create pools from dead enemies that will replenish health. Beside fighting face to face this little buddy can slow enemy attack speeds reducing their DPS.

Ivy (Mage) – Can lay blossoms like mines that will explode and damage enemies who get to close. Also has the ability to stun targets with roots and regenerate HP when things seem a little on the down side.

Nekros (Mage) – Consume spirit points to regenerate health or summon helpers to fight along side you in battle.

Lilith (Mage) – Has mostly damaging skills with some stun effects.

Best Hero/Character

Below is poll where you can choose up to 3 heroes for your favorite so others can get an idea of what the hell is going on.

Deadbreed Best Hero Character

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Best Class

Choose 1 class from the poll below that you think is the most effective, though there technically all important some may be more useful than others in the long run.

Deadbreed Best Classes

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