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Dragon Quest Heroes Best Party Characters Build Poll GuideSome Dragon Quest Heroes Best Party and Characters guide info with polls.

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Dragon Quest Heroes Best Party Guide

For me the best party would be Main Character because  you have too, King Doric for Tension growth rate for party and DPS, Jessica for party heal, then either a support class with passive bonuses or high DPS class for the final fourth party spot.

Dragon Quest Heroes Choosing Characters

Note: When choosing your main character at the start of a new game, the unchoosen one will be killed later in the story so leveling them may be a waste.


Aurora, Main Character –

Bianca – Skills: Snooze puts enemies to sleep.


Isla – Group Skills: Uplifting Downpour will remove all status afflictions.

Jessica – Group Skills: Heals Party.

King Doric – Group Skills: Increase Parties Tension Growth Rate. His high DPS main attacks hit many targets at once consistently in a free whirlwind skill type fighting style.

Kiryl – Group Skills: Kabuff to raise parties defense for a short time.

Luceus, Main Character –


Nera – Group Skills: Oomph will increase temporary attack for whole party/group.


Terry – Passive Skills: Miracle Slash will heal HP when attacking enemies like the sword from the mini medal sword only with any weapon Terry equips.

Yangus – DeBuff Skill: Helm Splitter reduces enemies defense and Whistle get the attention of monsters.

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