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Dragon Quest Heroes Wiki Guide Tips Tricks FAQ 2Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree’s Woe and the Blight Below is an RPG with tower defense elements along with all the usual Dragon Quest characters, npc’s, enemies and new content. Unlike past titles this one has gotten rid of the turn taking fighting style and replacing it with a God of War type gameplay.

Developed by Square Enix Dragon Quest Heroes is available for PlayStation 3 & 4, and apparently the first release on PC with Steam and Microsoft Windows.

Wiki & Guide – Dragon Quest Heroes

Best Party & Characters Guide with Pollds

Tips & Tricks – Dragon Quest Heroes

New Game Main Character – When starting a new game you have to choose a male or female character. Both will join your party, but the one you choose will be the main character. The other party member not chosen will die permanently mid way through the game so leveling them will be a waste. If you pick the male, the female will die. If you pick the female, the male will die.

Ingredient Bag Upgrades – Doing the quests Greedy for Ingredients 1, 2 and 3 will increase the amount of ingredients you can hold by 15 each quest completion. The same can be done with equipment.


Attributes – Base stats that effect your characters offense and defense. Some of the m are not so obvious and require an explanation.

  • Max HP – When HP runs out you die and have to be revived with a Yggdrasil Leaf. Increase by leveling, skill points or accessories.
  • Max MP – MP is needed to cast skills and Zoom. Increase by leveling or skill points.
  • Attack – How much damage your main attacks do. Attacking the weak points of enemies can inflict more damage. Each characters rate of attack is much different so a high number alone may not be an accurate indicator. Increase by leveling, skill points in Strength, weapons and accessories.
  • Defense – How much physical damage you can endure. Increase by leveling, skill points in Resilience and armor orbs.
  • Magical Might – Increases damage of spells and how fast MP regenerates. Increase by leveling, skill points and some weapons.
  • Strength – Raises attack directly, 1 Strength = 1 Attack. Increase by leveling or skill points.
  • Resilience – Raises defense directly, 1 Resilience = 1 Defense. Increase by leveling or skill points.
  • Wisdom – Raises Magical Might directly, 1 Wisdom = 1 Magical Might. Increase by leveling, skill points and some weapons.
  • Deftness – Critical hit rate. Increase by leveling or skill points.

Best Mini Medal Item – The Metal King Shield is supposed to be the best in the game and is equip by the main characters and Terry. Since the amour orbs and weapons aren’t the best in the game mini medals would eventually be wasted on them. Saving for high level accessories and ingredients can speed up the process for certain quests.

Stonecloud/Camp Calibugh Chests & Barrels – When reaching the floating island Stonecloud with all it’s different shops and npc’s there will be 4 chests and 7 barrels that will reload with new items each time you return to town. These is a limited amount of low level ingredients that can be found an unlimited amount of times after reloading the floating shop area. Ingredients that can be found include:

  • Gold
  • Butterfly Wing
  • Cruel Claw
  • Emerald Moss
  • Flintstone
  • Horse Manure
  • Iron Nails
  • Nectar
  • Salt of the Earth
  • Thinkincense
  • Toad Oil
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