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Fortress Legends Wiki Guide Tips Tricks Cheats Polls FAQFortress Legends Wiki & Guide with Tips & Tricks, Cheats, Polls, an FAQ and… more. Fortress Legends was developed by BANDAI NAMCO and is available for free download from Google Play for Android and on iTunes for iOS.

Check back to this Fortress Legends Wiki with Guides in the future for added and updated Tips, Tricks, Cheats, Polls, FAQ and other new additives.

Ban Warning – This game is designed to ban you if the app is open too long as it keeps enemies from raiding you. When banned without any alert you will need to wait an hour or more to even use the app. I have never been banned from an app for playing, if you don’t want me to enjoy your game or possible spend money on it I wont. WORSE GAME FEATURE EVER!!! You wont know when your close to getting banned and they don’t give you a count down timer on when the ban is lifted giving a gamers the impression the developers are mad at them and hitting back like a child. Your game and brain is broken.

Fortress Legends

Wiki & Guide

Attack & Defense Slot Skills Jobs – The Defense Slot Skills can be accesses by the Avatar/Character Photo>Attack/Defense Slot>Skill on the top left. This will dictate what skill yo have available for attacking and passive buffs.




Thief – Hp+50, Atk+10, EVA (Twin Blades) +5%, Combo Skill (Twin Blades) +10% chance for no MP cost for Combo Slash,


Enhancer (OSLv3) – The Enhancer is needed to increase carried for putting on better gear.

Fallen Barrel

Fire Statue


Gold Vault

Mana Processor

Mana Tank


Oblime Stone

Pixie’s Tent – Pixie’s Tent is the location of Pixies Store where different material can be purchased. It also determines how many buildings can be place and upgraded depending on how many people are available, increase pixies by purchasing upgrades with Gems in Shop>Devices>Pixie’s Tent. For each upgrade purchased the price to do so again will increase. Items will update every 11 hours or so, but can be manually updated by spending 10 gems. This is a great place to find materials for raising the rarity of equipment.

Summoning Portal

Debris – Debris cost resources to eliminate from the field and can be found by the green pillar of light shining up from it’s location.

  • Crumbled Rock
  • Fallen Barrel
  • Rubble


Free Spin! – Use the Free Spin to get free materials and other items, their are 16 possible chances with probably the higher quality items being harder to land on. It takes about 11 hours to recharge for another free spin, but you can pay 10 Gems for another spin. Warning, if you do not have room for items that are won than they will be deleted and not gained loosing the item wasting a spin, I landed of 50,000 Mana on the first try when they told me to and got 00,000 Mana instead. Items include Mana, Gold, Pouches and upgrade materials.

Tips & Trick

Free 5 Minute Finish – When a structure is 5 minutes or less away from being finished you can finish it instantly by spending 0 gems. This can speed things up in the beginning, but may become less useful in the later stages of the game.

Pixie’s Tent & Upgrading Multiple Buildings – In the beginning you only have one person for use to build and upgrade structures. This can be increased by spending gems in the Shop>Devices>Pixie’s Tent to purchase an upgrade to the Pixie’s Tent. Each increase gives one more person, but also raises the price for another helper. This is a very good early game buy when starting with 500 gems you can get 1 helper right away for 250gems and the next cost 500gems. When all builders are busy the game will ask if you would like to spend gems to finish the previous building/upgrade instantly to start the new selection, getting a permanent tent improvement at the Shop is a huge advantage when it comes to spending gems on one or the other.

Gems – At first it can be tempting to spend gems on all kinds of things. A Pixie Tent improvement can be purchased to increase the amount of Devises going at once for 250 gems. This is a very good investment at first for increase the speed of the game.


Where is the Enchanter? – You can find the Enchanter in the Shop under Devices, but you’ll need a lv3 Oblime Stone before it can be built.



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