Oct 082016

guardian-codex-wiki-guide-tips-tricks-cheats-walkthrough-2Guardian Codex Wiki & Guide with Tips & Tricks, Cheats, Walkthrough and tons more depending on popularity. Guardian Codex is developed by Square Enix and is the sequel to Guardian Cross and will probably be available for free on Google Play for Android and iTunes for iOS when it’s release fall 2016.

Guardian Codex Wiki & Guide

Tips & Tricks

Guardian Codex Tips and Tricks for a funner and more creative gameplay experience.


Guardian Codex Cheats are probably not gonna happen though something may slip through the cracks. Games like these are usually updated frequently to prevent hacker and other people from changing app data and redistributing it which makes it hard to earn an income.


Guardian Codex Walkthrough with guidance and hurdle information.

Release Date

Guardian Codex release date is sometime in the Fall during 2016.


Guardian Codex gameplay videos showing various game features.

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