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hill-climb-racing-2-achievements-list-requirementsBelow is a Hill Climb Racing 2 Achievements List & Requirements which can be accessed in game by going into the settings and tapping the Achievements button. Having the right vehicle can make all the difference when trying to complete all achievements so check out our Hill Climb Racing 2 Best Vehicle post to find out whats good and whats hood.

Visit the Hill Climb Racing 2 Wiki & Guide for more info.

Hill Climb Racing 2 Achievements List & Requirements

Made The Grade – Qualify for racing. Completed automatically at the start of the game.

Warm Up! – Win 10 races.

Unstoppable! – Win 100 races.

Losing ifs for Losers – Win 1,000 races.

Racing God – Win 10,000 races.

Nice Cups! – Win 5 cups.

How Many Cups Is Enough? – Win 50 cups.

I need a Need Cup Cabinet.. – Win 500 cups.

All Your Cups Are Belong to Me! – Win 5000 cups.

Challenger – Send a challenge.

Water Run – Drive 10,000 meters.

Milk Run – Drive 100,000 meters.

Can’t Run That Far, So I Drive – Drive 1,000,000 meters.

Just Getting Started – Qualify for Bronze. Completed after the opening race.

Can’t Go Wrong With More Bronze – Qualify for Bronze 2.

Price of Bronze is Up, Sell Sell! – Qualify for Bronze 3.

Shiny! – Qualify for Silver.

Making it Look Easy – Qualify for Silver 2.

Silvertongue – Qualify for Silver 3.

Time to Get a Golden Tooth – Qualify for Gold.

Or Maybe a Golden Car? – Qualify for Gold 2.

A Castle Made of Gold! – Qualify for Gold 3.

I Expect Great Things Here – Qualify for Platinum.

Platinum Times 2 Equals Progress! – Qualify for Platinum 2.

Platinum is Better Than Yours – Qualify for Platinum 3.

Things Are Looking Up! – Qualify for Diamond.

Can I Cash In All These Diamonds? – Qualify for Diamond 2.

Diamond Shows I Care – Qualify for Diamond 3.

I Am Legend – Qualify for Legendary.

Earning Them Fliplegs! – Make 10 flips.

Should Post a Video of These Flips – Make 50 flips.

I’m Going to Throw Up – Make 100 flips.

They Call Me the Rotator – 10 backflips.

I’m a Backwardsman, a Backwards Man – 50 backflips.

I Got Back as Fast as I Can – 100 backflips.

That Hurt! – 5 neckflips.

I Don’t Think This is Healthy – 10 neckflips.

I’m Immortal! – 50 neckflips.

Car Connoisseur – Purchase all vehicles.

I Need More Cups! – Unlock all cups.

Driving Where No Bill has Gone Before! – Unlock all adventure tracks.

Totally Pimped Out – Fully upgrade a vehicle.

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