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hill-climb-racing-2-best-vehicle-list-guide-pollA Hill Climb Racing 2 Best Vehicle List, Guide & Poll. With the initial release in December of 2016 there are only 6 vehicles to start out with, though I’m sure more will be added in the months to come. Check back in the near future for updated content and feel free to leave a comment if we do update this post fast enough.

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Hill Climb Racing 2 Best Vehicle List Guide & Poll

Jeep (Bronze) – Sticking with tradition this is the first vehicle available just like in the first installment and like the first installment it’s one of the worst things to drive. I would recommend purchasing something better instead of trying to upgrade the Jeep too heavily.

Scooter 5,000c (Bronze) – A light weight vehicle that tips easy and has lower end speed.

Super Jeep 9,000c (Silver) – An upgraded version of the jeep that has better speed and over all ability when compared. Would be a definite better choice if your not sure what to purchase in the beginning.

Motocross 20,000c (Silver) – A step up from the Scooter and great for hill climbing.

Sports Car 80,000c (Gold) – The Sports Car is fast and can help tremendously when trying to win races against the computer. This is the best car for speed so far, though some people say the Monster Truck is on the unbeatable side.

  • Engine: 370 Power, 270 Boost Speed
  • Grip 250
  • Gearbox 180
  • Downforce 1000

Monster Truck 40,000c (Gold) – A must have for cruising the app as it’s drives much different than the other rides. Bounces around a lot and can be harder to flip over. The Monster Truck is great for driving right over things that would be more problematic for other cars, trucks and bikes.

Tank (Platinum) – Though the tank has good handling, speed isn’t that fast.

Formula 1 (Diamond) – A very very fast car.

Platinum, Diamond and Legendary vehicle will probably be along in an update soon hopefully. With the amount of rides available in the first Hill Climb Racing their should be more options per tier.

Poll – The poll below lets you vote for what you think is the best vehicle in Hill Climb Racing 2. You can vote for one of them or you can vote for all, the choice is yours.

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Gameplay – All Vehicles Upgraded

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