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monster-truck-engine-turbo-grip-suspension-tips-guideMonster Truck Engine, Turbo, Grip and Suspension Tips with guide guide info. The Monster Truck cost 40,000 coins and requires a Gold cups status to unlock. Though the Monster Truck takes longer to unlock than the Sports Car it’s less expensive and seems to be less effective. If you having a hard time with your vehicles rolling over and driving unbalanced this ride can be a good choice.

It’s probably recommended to invest in the Sports Car over this ride as speed does not compare and winning is the name of the game. Not sure why the dev would make rides worse as you progress, but you also get penalized for getting first place if your too slow which is also counter productive and not how the real world works. Folks on Youtube feel this ride is unbeatable so it might be well worth a full upgrade if you have the extra coins laying around.

Visit the Hill Climb Racing 2 Wiki & Guide for more info.

Hill Climb Racing 2 Monster Truck


Power – Higher speeds with better starts and off-roading.

Max Boost –




Grip gives a vehicle more traction so rubber meets the road and will allow for better acceleration,  hill climbing and engine upgrades. Grip goes hand in hand with engine upgrades as tires will start to spin more when power out weighs traction, when this happens investing more in grip will reduce tire spining.


Damping – Less bounce.

Weight Point – ?

Starting Stats

Engine – Power: 180

Turbo – Max Boost: 71 Boost Speed: 73

Grip – Grip: 135

Suspension – Weight Point: 0



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