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hill-climb-racing-2-scooter-engine-grip-suspension-balance-tips-guideHill Climb Racing 2 Scooter Engine, Grip, Suspension, and Balance Tips with Guide info. The Scooter is the first vehicle available for purchase after the Jeep and really isn’t the best investment in the start. You better off upgrading the Jeep a small amount and saving up for the Sports Car which is a much better investment. Due to the balance stat the Scooter can be great for doing flips and earning bonus coins during a run.

It’s recommended to upgrade the Scooter later in the game when you have extra coin to spend due to other rides being much more efficient when it comes to progression.

Visit the Hill Climb Racing 2 Wiki & Guide for more info.

Hill Climb Racing 2 Scooter


Power – Higher speeds with better starts and off-roading.

Max Boost –


Grip gives a vehicle more traction so rubber meets the road and will allow for better acceleration,  hill climbing and engine upgrades. Grip goes hand in hand with engine upgrades as tires will start to spin more when power out weighs traction, when this happens investing more in grip will reduce tire spinning.


Damping – Less bounce.

Weight Point – ?


Lower and more balanced weight improves stability and handling. This will make the Scooter easier to control in the air when it start spinning all over the place or if you want it to for the purpose of tricks.



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