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hill-climb-racing-2-sports-car-engine-grip-gear-box-downforce-tips-guideHill Climb Racing 2 Sports Car Engine, Grip, Gear Box, and Downforce Tips with Guide info. The Sports car is so far the most expensive ride, but not the last vehicle to obtain. Based on the expensive price this would seem like the best option for beating competition and getting distance records and you would be mostly right, though some swear by the Monster Truck which is slightly harder to obtain via more cup points.

When starting out for the first time it might be a good idea to spend as little in the early rides and save up for Sports Car upgrades. This will give a large advantage to competition and save coins over the long run.

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Hill Climb Racing 2 Sports Car


Power – Higher speeds with better starts and off-roading.

Max Boost –


Grip gives a vehicle more traction so rubber meets the road and will allow for better acceleration,  hill climbing and engine upgrades. Grip goes hand in hand with engine upgrades as tires will start to spin more when power out weighs traction, when this happens investing more in grip will reduce tire spinning.

Gear Box

The gear box will increase the acceleration of the car making for a faster race start and better take of when loosing speed from jumps/breaking.


Force – Downforce will help the car stay on the ground at high speed and keep it level when hitting jumps. This wont be so needed in the beginning, but when the engine is upgraded enough you’ll need more downforce or the car will flip over too easy while driving.

Starting Stats



Gear Box

Downforce – Force: 100



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