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hill-climb-racing-2-super-jeep-engine-grip-suspension-rollcage-tips-guideHill Climb Racing 2 Super Jeep Engine, Grip, Suspension, and Rollcage Tips with Guide info. The Super Jeep is much better than the regular Jeep and it’s recommended to upgrade this rather than the old school version. I would only upgrade the Super Jeep enough to reach a higher ranking ride as it’s still not the best option for advancement, but is much better than those before it.

The rollcage is a nice touch that can give the player a second chance when rolling over or slamming against ceilings, though it wont help to much when it comes to higher ranked rides passing you in a race..

Visit the Hill Climb Racing 2 Wiki & Guide for more info.

Hill Climb Racing 2 Super Jeep


Power – Higher speeds with better starts and off-roading.

Max Boost –


Grip gives a vehicle more traction so rubber meets the road and will allow for better acceleration,  hill climbing and engine upgrades. Grip goes hand in hand with engine upgrades as tires will start to spin more when power out weighs traction, when this happens investing more in grip will reduce tire spinning.


Damping – Less bounce.

Weight Point – ?


The rollcage will help protect the player from dying while driving from rolling over or hittting your head on things while ramping off jumps.



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