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hill-climb-racing-2-tips-tricks-hints-ios-google-playHill Climb Racing 2 Tips, Tricks and Hints for iOS and Google Play. Hill Climb Racing 2 has a few new features that add more depth and much needed control. For the most part things are pretty straight forward with needing to upgrade things to advance. Check back in the near future for more tips and tricks and feel free to add any questions or useful info in the comments below.

Visit the Hill Climb Racing 2 Wiki & Guide for more info.

Hill Climb Racing 2 Tips, Tricks & Hints

Adventure – Adventure mode lets you drive as far as possible earning gold for upgrade and setting distance records. The four available Adventure modes are the Countryside (Free) , Forest 4,000c, City 12,000c and the Mountain 30,000c which can be purchased at any time. The further you go the more gold you can earn.

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Best Vehicle – So far it’s looking like the highest tier will have the best Hill Climb Racing 2 vehicles. Check out the poll below to vote and see what others are driving.

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Chests – Chest are earned by completing and wining races along with the free chest that is openable about every 6 hours and the win chest which is earned by getting first place 10 times. Chests will offer tons of free gifts from free gold and gems to character and vehicle art. When earning chest from races only one can be opened at a time via a count down timer, though being connected to the inter net will let you open non counter by watching a free ad.

Cups – Cups will need to be completed in order to unlock better vehicles and for that your gonna have to invest in something. Jeep works for Bronze, Super Jeep for Silver and Sports Car for Gold cups. Complete races with point to earn experience towards increasing rank. Skip races by exiting them via the menu after starting, this can be good for races that are a 100% loss.

  • Bronze – I completed with a Jeep Engine 4, Grip 3, Suspension 3 (Free Ads), AWD 2 (Free Ads)
  • Silver –
  • Gold –
  • Platnium –
  • Diamond –
  • Legemdary –

Easy Driving – Depending on vehicle modifications, holding the gas 100% of the time and then tapping the break to keep the car grounded is a great way to finish a race without crashing. If your having a hard time doing good consistently from crashing this can help dramatically letting you finish most races. Tapping the break to adjust pitch while in the air is best for keeping speed up.

Free Vehicle Upgrades – While connected to the internet an option may appear to upgrade a certain vehicle feature for free by watching an ad. This may be triggered more easily by not playing for awhile.

Re-Roll Chests – When opening chest that have a timer that is complete you can force close the app before selecting the done option to re-roll the chests contents. The amount of gold will change along with getting vanity items instead of gold.

Skipping Ads – You can skip add after levels faster by exiting to the home screen or app selection menu, then returning to Hill Climb Racing 2. This will skip and ad without having to watch for the skip button to appear.

Tune – By tapping the Tune option while in the vehicle select screen you can adjust a ride according to the different purchases you’ve made. This can be useful for gauging how improvements actually change the behavior of driving.

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