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is-lee-ann-mcadoo-a-virgin-saving-herself-for-marriageIs Lee Ann McAdoo A Virgin Saving Herself For Marriage? Folks that have been following her since she joined InfoWars have noticed things change in her world like many christian type or just Hollywood period did around the Star of Bethlehem in 2015. The Venus and Jupiter planets aligning are suppose to signify the return of Jesus Christ and the period of Revelations. Lee Ann started to post Jesus propaganda on her social feeds during and after the event in 2015 and in one twitter post she actual says “Her man is king“.

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If you do research on virgins in Hollywood you only really find girls and woman who have already lost their virginity, but love to talk about how long they where a virgin and how socially acceptable the moment was. Girls love to say they still have to justify everything they did that was not clean like defensiveness justification. This is more than likely cover to protect people who currently are saving themselves for someone special. Virginity is a HUGE deal on planet earth with many people in high ranking positions of government, corporations, successful people and definitely religious groups actually being gifted virgins as an attempt to help them by more productivity in society.

One of the biggest clues to who is a virgin would be folks that are not and have never been married. Unfortunate, when Hollywood is talking about underground child abuse and directors who do illegal deeds to under age children they are actually talking about their own children. It seems to be okay for Hollywood actors, directors and the richies to pass around their kids at a party. So when you see a movie star don’t look up, look down at the trash and over privileged mistakes. Remember Hollywood, keep your mouth shut, think about yourself.

I would hardly say Lee Ann McAdoo is in a Hollywood gang/terrorism group, but the way she acts in public is a travesty. For a virgin Lee would be an undesirable due to the fact she rubs herself all over guys including wanting to hold hands on the first date. This is called moving too fast and really throws a wrench in the gears. Having a dirty head, dirty actions, getting closer to dirty people, laying with them asap equals dirty dirty dirty. The definition of a V is suppose to be no insertion, wow, so a girl only needs to save one thing for marriage? YUCK, damaged goods!!! I would blame the system and people like snoop dogg showing how to have abortionships, back it up, scrap it like it’s hot, then throw it in the garbage at planned parenthood.

News flash, if you O’ed with a guy you are not a virgin, thanks for playing. Also tampons and doctors fingers seem to be placed on earth to help defile things further. Right now doctors are under fire for being huge serial killers, rapists, and pretty much the worst people to existed yet on earth. Who would think killing for money is OK? You can still go through life and paint your own pictures though like most woman who never tell the truth and hide yourself from yourself. Our world is so polluted with insecure females it’s unreal. If you wear makeup your hiding behind a mask which stunts maturity and personal growth, who are you? Why would someone want to be in a relationship with a clown where you’ll never know the person until…, too much risk these days with pretty bodies and low IQ/Awareness.

90 Essential Nutrients prevent ALL birth defects when taken before conception, but your pediatrician at the local hospital is legally bound from telling you this, not that they would give up a fat paycheck anyhow. Woman are being murdered and slaughtered for cash across the board by educated professionals who just see dollars signs. In the old days when a pediatrician type road into town someone dug a hole for them.

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