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juggernaut-champions-achievements-free-sapphire-paid-currencyJuggernaut Champions Achievements can be completed for free sapphire or bonus paid currency. Some are pretty quick to complete and offer large bonuses, especially the single star Achievements. These are a great place to start before deciding to spend money on the app as you may earn enough to complete your goal. Upon completing 30, 60, 90, and then 120 achievement you’ll get yet more freebies.

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Juggernaut Champions Achievements

5-Star Achievements

5-Star Achievements must be completed five times to finish them. Each star will be harder to earn as you progress.

Kill Monsters – Includes all monster including bosses.

Kill Bosses – Every ten stages their is a boss fight. Must move forward in the game or use the magic skill Rebirth at or after level 60.

Smash Caches with Gold

Catch Sylphs – Sylphs are the blue orbs that start floating around the top of the screen at random and need to be tapped to get there contents.

Collect Gold – The amount of gold needed will increase dramatically when gaining a star.

Spend Insignia

Spend Crowns

Earn Gold Offline – You must close the app and let your heroes earn gold to gain this one.

Achieve Levels – Increase the main characters Hanna the Inquisitors level with gold.

Defeat Sovering

Take Part In Tournament

Collect Artifacts

Increase Damage Per Second – This can be done be increasing the levels of heroes and unlocking there special/passive bonuses at level markers.

Tap – Complete by just tapping the screen.

Upgrade Heroes Abilities – Upgrade Heroes Abilities a certain amount of times.

Make Critical Hits -Land critical hits, some heroes abilities can increase the rate.

Spend Time In-Game – Keep the game open to earn this one.

Assemble Heroes – Unlock heroes by purchasing them with gold.

Evolve Heroes

Send Gift To Friends

Deal Damage To Friends

Use Rebirth – Rebirth magic is unlocked at main character level 60 and is used to start over with benefits.

Use Fire Spell

Kill Snakes

Kill Monster Without Tapping – Keep the game open, but don’t tap the screen. Just let your team do the damage and get the kills.

1-Star Achievements

1-Star Achievements must be completed once to finish them. These offer quick bonuses to payed in-game currency in the early stages of the game.

Speed Up Healing of 25 Heroes

Get Position 20 or Above in Tournament – Reach a certain rank in a tournament.

Have 25 Gold Icons on Screen Simultaneously – When a monster dies or a Sylph is destroyed gold will appear on the screen, each gold coin is an icon. Higher levels and timing rewards will help complete this one.

Ignore 100 Sylphs – This can be hard to do on purpose. Works best to leave devise on and do something else while it’s running.

Use Rebirth on Level 140 – Use rebirth on a certain stage/level, not character level.

Get 4 Heroes of Level 555 Simultaneously – Works best on the earliest acquired heroes as they are cheaper to upgrade and level up.

Kill 3 Bosses at Midnight

Evolve Longhinus on Level 250

Defeat Two Soverings in a Row

Kill 50 Bosses without a Single Tap

Kill a Boss Level 70 or Higher in 5 Seconds – This can be completed be grinding and farming before a boss to have a large advantage.

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