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juggernaut-champions-best-heroes-characters-abilities-skillsJuggernaut Champions Best Heroes/Characters and their Abilities/Skills. It’s may be self explanatory, but the best Juggernaut Champions heroes are the ones that cost the most to get. After a short time the stronger heroes will pull all the slack and weaker heroes will only be useful for their abilities and skills unlocked every few levels. I your wondering about long term playability check out our super helpful Juggernaut Champions Review.

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Juggernaut Champions Heroes/Characters List

Right now there is a total of 22 including Langerd the superhero who will join once every hero has a weapon upgrade.

  1. Hanna the Inquistor – Starting Hero
  2. Barbosa the Ruffian 1.06K
  3. Elf Maiden Alisia 5.28K
  4. Longhinus the Elf Archer 52.80K
  5. Amazon Hecate 792.00K
  6. Naga Kertana 19.80M
  7. Beastborn Raider Miaba 990.00M
  8. Samurai Yasi
  9. Edera the Nymph
  10. Witcher Nirall 7.92T
  11. Bog Witch Emilia 831.60T
  12. Langerd the Superhero – Will join once every hero has a weapon upgrade.

Best Hero/Character Poll

I’m still waiting on unlocking every hero so I can get their name. Once I do I will put a poll up so everyone can vote for a better opinion. Besides abilities and skills the final hero would technically hit the hardest.

Hero Tips & Tricks

Difficult Bosses – The strongest heroes in your arsenal is the most expensive one you can buy. If your having a hard time beating a boss one of the best things to do is buy the most expensive hero. This will often give a better boost to DPS than upgrading smaller heroes who eventually become obsolete beside abilities.

Free Sapphires – You can get free sapphires which are payed currency by completing Achievements.

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  1. 12. Hariequin Adele
    13. Gladiator Dominatrix
    14. Magician Uryan
    15. Giant Ig
    16. Angel Myreside
    17. Mitrael the Savior
    18. Bombardier Beagle
    19. Priest Bran
    20. Crstalloid Vern – 83.04jj

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