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juggernaut-champions-review-spam-scam-app-alert-dont-playA Juggernaut Champions Review speeding past anything that might seem fun and skipping right to the Spam Scam App Alert part. Juggernaut Champions is a game that you must tap the screen to progress and as fun as it looks getting bored may kick in fast. For anyone who has played an app like this, tapping can be extremely tiring and wearing on the hands. I’m actually surprised the developers don’t have any health warning since the amount of tapping is unnatural, plus wifi is the same frequency as chemo tharepy radiation so the devs are kind murdering us like medical doctors.

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The lovely developers of Juggernaut Champions have gone to great lengths to make sure they get payed for their spam app that does really nothing more than try to trick and steal money from players. In older apps of the like a player could use apps like HiroMacro to auto tap the screen which would save finger dexterity and life, not now as the developers have made sure to block it.

You could also speed the clock ahead to trick the game into thinking you waiting days or months when you just changed the time. This has been mostly blocked cause after changing the time ahead so many times the developers will threaten to block the game, then if you continue the game will be unplayable and must be reinstalled.

Get Free Sapphires by completing Achievements.

Dear Developers of Juggernaut Champions, you have to be some really stupid greedy blind people to think we have to kill ourselves playing your game or don’t play at all. I would never play this game normally because of how criminal and snaky the money making and gameplay is. Having the time cheats and tapping helpers is a must to have fun. Play are way or don’t play at all? Are you in debt running from the mafia, do you have over whelming medical bills from eating at Walmart, where you born retarded.

This could  be some kind of attempt to lock players in a daze to keep their attention away from the looming WW3, do you get government assistance? Players should stay far away from developers that say don’t pay don’t play. A game is suppose to be fun, not steal money to support habits and illusions, greedy stupid wackos.

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