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juggernaut-champions-wiki-guide-tips-tricks-cheats-walkthrough-faqJuggernaut Champions Wiki & Guide with Tips & Tricks, Cheats, Walkthrough, Polls, Best Lists an more depending on popularity. Juggernaut Champions is a free RPG Tapper game developed by My.com B.V. and is available for Android on Google Play and iOS on iTunes. Like many mobile apps like these tapping over and over can be extremely tedious after awhile, an auto tapper app can make the game play by itself.

Juggernaut Champions goes on forever as far as I’m aware with there not being an end boss, though you can prestige like and build strength to go further. Though an end may not be inside the app there is still a main goal which is to defeat the Great Evil and save Haradan.

Juggernaut Champions Wiki & Guide


Heroes – Best Heroes Characters Abilities Skills List

Abilities/Skills/Passive Buffs & Magic List


Achievements – Free Sapphire Paid Currency

Review – Spam Scam App Alert Don’t Play

Tips & Tricks

Juggernaut Champions Tips and Tricks to help move through the game faster and possible play how it was not intended to be played.

Auto Play – The game will play for you automatically when the app is closed. The main play will not do damage since you have to tap for that, but other heroes can earn more when away by increasing their levels.

Check/View Currency – You can check the different types of currency you have by tapping your Gold total in the upper right of the screen.

Injury – Injury occur when you get defeated by a boss and a heroes must wait a certain amount of time before they can be used again. The more health a boss has when losing the better chances someone will get injured.

Sylphs/Floating Orbs – Blue floating orbs or Sylphs will appear at the top of the screen, tapping them will drop large amount s of gold. The amount dropped increases the further you are in the game. Collecting these will work towards achievements.


Juggernaut Champions Cheats for possibly game breaking experiences.

Mobile Time/Date (Not Working+Rant, sorry I’m LGBT) – Changing the time or date forward on your mobile device will speed the game up. This can have negative side effect though when putting the device time back to normal. The super greedy developers have put in a block that will lock your progress and block you from playing the game at all if you abuse this, a message will show up on warning you that a ban is close. Maybe the developers should find another way to make money in the world besides ripping people off with crap games, respectfully BestWikiTip.com.

It can still be done safely though a few times before the developers go bipolar, might want to go for some very long time adjustments to get as much gold as possible before the developers try to get you to pay their child support and medical bills. You will get a warning on the left side of the screen that will threaten you after turning time ahead a few times, then next time is when the developer harassment kicks in. Going Over Warning: Access to group activity and offline rewards (no auto farming when apps close) will be limited for you due to abuse of an in-game exploit. If you continue to turn time ahead or back to the normal time the game will become playable with a warning screen that can’t be closes, the game will have to be uninstalled and installed again to play and you’ll have to start over. These developers suck and are greedy ugly stupid people that cant make videos games and don’t care about their customers.

Auto Tap Cheat (May Not Work) – You can use a program called HiroMacro Auto-Touch Macro to record screen motion and then replay them automatically. This can be used to tap faster than a human could consistently making the game go by much faster. If you looking to get a fast map/stage completion time then HiroMacro Auto-Touch Macro is gonna be a must.

Auto Tap Turbo Controller Cheat (Works Great) – I use BlueStacks emulator for the PC, then use free Xpadder to assign the mouse pointer as a turbo button on the controller. You could probably due the same with all the controller apps that let you connect controllers to mobile devices too.


Juggernaut Champions Walkthrough with advice and hurdle alerts. One of the best things about this about is the auto play feature where the game will deal Hero Damage (Not Tap damage) while the app or device is off.

Level 30 – Around level 30 stages will be harder to complete.





Gameplay Video

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