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lee-ann-mcadoo-at-her-ugliest-worst-fails-exposedWarning this post id focused on negative behavior in a very specific manor, nobody is expected to be held to these standards. These view do not reflect other content on the site as this is the only negative post, so far.

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What we hope woman would be and what we see in the movies seems to be hopelessly different than reality. Take for example Lee Ann McAdoo, a old ass virgin who is suppose to be saving herself for Jesus Christ, the ultimate thing right? With the amount of temptation pictures she releases mixed with the fact that she is by far not the best infowars reporter when it comes to ability besides sex jedi, things start to add up fast.

I thinks is hilarious how girls can’t go long before they have to show of their bodies, probably just a hard wired reproductive psychology program. With all birth defect prevented with 90 Essential Nutrients and nobody caring the value for a female body is at an all time low.

Lee Ann McAdoo Worst Pics

Is this picture Lee looks to be under the influence of maybe something more than the usual. Judging by the slanted eye it looks like Texas has passed it’s medical uses policy. Her makeup seems to be running off or was the wrong face was painted on. The amount of time she puts her breasts on guys in pics their is no way you would thinks shes a virgin waiting for marriage or maybe touching all the guys is just a cover.


This pic everyone may know about already as it’s her default thumbnail on Twitter. The bad thing about the photo is makeup seems to be caked on. When a girl who is attractive puts makeup on it say “I’m insecure about my looks” or “I can’t handle the pressure from other girls”. When she completely fails like in the pic below by caking on the crayon.


Here is another one where Lee is intoxicated and probably basking in the attention of men around her. How a girl could keep her virginity dresses like that her whole life I’ll never know, but it sure is sad when all the woman on the planet just want to be in a dirty mag or groped by strangers. Just because you don’t do one thing with guys until your married doesn’t make you pure or holy, especially when Lee rubs around on all the guys. When will humanity evolve into a cleaner place to live.


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