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lee-ann-mcadoo-breast-bra-size-reduction-implants-measurementsLee Ann McAdoo is a reporter for Infowars and is well know for her endowment as she seems to make an effort to use here breast size to influence people. What folks should know right away is that Lee Ann often wears cloths and bras with padding to give the impression she has larger breasts than her natural size. This is used to attract more viewers with beauty magnification. Though, this may seem like a insecure and misleading thing to do, Lee Ann seems very confident when showing herself in the natural form and it probably has everything to do with her glamour side.

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With lots of searches for Lee Ann’s measurements people may be confused by her dress. Sometimes she will wear cloths where her breast seem ridiculously large and other times she may give you the impression nothing is there. Some believe she has had breast implants while others are sure she has had a breast reduction, they would both be wrong. This is both a mysterious magical tactic woman use to adjust the visibility of there breasts and is a must for cloths fitting versatility, not in my size not a problem.

Lee Ann has let the world know that everything is 100% natural by tweeting “Also, my boobs are homegrown.”. If your looking for her measurements your gonna have to ask her in person and that might not get you a good answer. As far as a reduction and implants or enhancement go, from what I’ve seen, there is no way Lee Ann has modified her body in a unnatural way like plastic surgery or Botox, this babe was born with some serious natural beauty. She was kind enough to share her pet name for her breasts “McAboobs” and a natural food list to increase breast size and claims that they do help with the adjustment.

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