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lee-ann-mcadoo-dating-boyfriend-husband-married-kids-3Many folks seem to be wondering who Lee Ann McAdoo is dating as it seems she is not married and does not appear to have and kids. As of right now Lee Ann doesn’t have a boyfriend according to a recent twitter post suggesting her new dog is getting all the man attention. For specifics as to way someone so attractive would be single, I couldn’t tell you.

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Currently it looks as though little miss Lee Ann McAdoo is without a permanent resident and seems to be playing the field. She says shes can date multiple times a week looking for here alpha (Supportive, like minded, non controlling, semi to extremely hot pretty boy qualities), girls really don’t have a clue so when they talk about their values they are really just say they want someone to sweep them off their feet and help them a whole bunch through life. Lee Ann says “Seriously guys, if you invite me to dinner, paying for the meal is awesome! So is opening doors, holding hands, being kind…”, holding hands on the first date is a little over board for someone hell bent on getting to know someone. I here to she is extremely unfaithful when it comes to men and treats them like she’s some kind of gift to men. I sucks so bad when the pretty girls become rotten from all the cat calling and unavailable for a healthy ride through life.

DO NOT BE INTIMIDATED, Lee Ann McAdoo says you only have to ask to get a date with her. In a recent 15 Apr, 2015 twitter post she said “I am a woman who wants a MAN. And I can think of three alphas right now who will do dishes and respect my opinion.”, looks like the options are available, plus obviously it would be hard to stay single while being ranked so highly in society. Seems to be on the wild side with not enough people around to take pictures as she tweeted “I feel like freeing the nipple right now”.

Relationship Habits – On March 13, 2015 Lee Ann publicly announced breaking up with her boyfriend on twitter saying “I broke up with a guy who never did one manly thing for me.”. After words she went on a scantily clad picture posting spree on  her social media accounts in an attempt to attract another man.


Lee Ann doesn’t seem to currently be in a relation publicly, though certain blushing evidence indicates there is a special someone or lots of dating. Here’s a list of potential boyfriends:

  • Zeale (Valin Zamarron) – Made public by online hype.
  • Hopefully, but unsuccessful JW Trollinger, based off twitter post from Lee Ann McAdoo.
  • Anthony Gucciardi – April 19th, LeeAnn seen being outwardly with lots of physical contact indicating possible current/past relationship or work related bro-ness. Valentine Day 2017 Anthony asked for a valentine and Lee Ann was more than willing to engage.
  • Joe BIggs Dating Boyfriend CoWorker Relationship Fooling Around – A random off the wim assumption, she says just ask for a date, so why wouldn’t Biggs get directions to the gun show.


I’m pretty sure she’s not currently married with a husband or engaged, though she may have been engaged to her ex-boyfriend Zeale who no longer seems to be in the pictures.

Billy Corgan Interview – Lee Ann seem to be proposed to live on the Alex Jones show by Billy Corgan along with all kinds of other subliminal word games with female attraction trigger words, musicians. At the end, Billy does a big old double hand shake on one little LeeAnn hand and shes gotta yank the thing back like it got stuck in a trap, hunger games or over appreciation?


Lee Ann says she wants to have children, but she also says she cant find anyone worth doing it with. It almost looks like she is talking to someone on her twitter and giving them a wink wink because around this time Lee was very focused on dating and finding a mate.


Dogs: Monte the white Chihuahua 2008-2015


In 2015 Alex Jones was reported going public with his divorce while Lee Ann McAdoo was reportedly single. Rumors are still flying around that Alex’s divorce was a direct result of Lee Ann’s intervention because of a close to nude picture of Lee Ann took with Alex Jones that was posted hasty onto social media Oct 2015. Since, both of them have put up a video stating that they haven’t dated, the  video show they both seems to have different recollection of touching patters which says there lying with defensiveness in mind. Lee is irresistible to probably all men making Alex’s attraction inevitable, especially when he takes videos of her so close up to get her sexiest angles.

  • A deleted July 28, 2016 Twitter comment with LeeAnn denying breaking up Alex Jones marriage could still be seen on Google search after deletion and had this to say:

Lee Ann McAdoo on Twitter: “Debunked, loser. @YoungKeyMaker”

Jul 28, 2016 – @LeeAnnMcAdoo Let me get this right. You broke up Alex Jones’ marriage but you question the moral principles of others?


Apparently, Lee has been a victim a sexually harassment to the point of almost being raped. If your gonna jog down the street buck naked eventually someone is gonna ask you to get in a van and then who fault is it? I’ll go with unaware across the board and thanks to our wonderful blind birth defected terrorist leaders who can’t and kill to continue canting. I’m sure back in the day girls got raped all the time for exposing their quarting attraction body parts, lessened learned right? Pass the knowledge on like pee plants right? The law these days helps girls show everything like it lets doctors kill innocent people for money, no accountability and nothings clean. Girls these days give up their virginity so fast nobody wants them unless your ready for birth defects from no 90 Essential Nutrients, divorce from all booty blind connections or just settling for any old cheatin barely in hog.


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