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lee-ann-mcadoo-halloween-costume-october-2015-2016-1I’m sure by now everyone remembers Lee Ann McAdoo’s Halloween Costume from October 2015. Folks made a huge fuss over the deal  because of how Alex Jones went public with his divorce at the same time giving the strong impression Lee Ann was the divorce catalyst or the rumor person he cheated with to destroy the marriage. This was a huge blow for InfoWars reputation as it made look, I am seriously open person and it even took me for a spin? Strisabn Affect? Alex and Lee put up a video response with relationship statues indicating nothing defiantly ever happen, but it was 10 months later leaving lots of people hangin, thanks for the update.

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As far as relationship statues goes, when things popped off with the Halloween costume picture in Oct of 2015 people who were close to Lee defiantly know nothing serious happened. Lee has a reputation around the local news scene that clearly states she dates, but is waiting for marriage, plus it all over her social media, though this doesn’t dismiss quick roll around tryouts. The event seemed to be a diversion to deflect attention of what might have been a real affair between Alex and another coworker during the end phase of his marriage.

Lee Ann McAdoo is at it again and seems to be prepping the public for another Halloween costume display. On a recent instagram post she wears a magic type hat with hints towards another nudeish display. With all the males that surround this chick I’m baffled that she doesn’t have a boyfriend. Apparently, she’s like 37 according to public records, that almost a 40 year old virgin chick lol.

Halloween Costume October 2015

Thiese are the pictures that caused so much trouble.



Lee Ann McAdoo Halloween Costume October 2015

Halloween Costume October 2016

This is what seems to be a Halloween preview for what I’m guessing will be potentially Lee Ann’s most nude pictures yet.

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