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lee-ann-mcadoo-sexually-harassed-by-tim-kennedy-ufc-ravishes-goddess-2On Sep 15, 2016 InfoWars put a video of Lee Ann McAdoo Getting sexually harnessed by Tim Kennedy (married to Ginger Kennedy) from the UFC on camera. The video shows Tim Kennedy grabbing Lee Ann McAdoo, throwing her over his shoulder during a video and rubbing her breasts over his shoulder and back followed with heavy sexual aggressive language.

At first Tim tries to put her in a a hold, but fails and replies “That’s an Arm Drag” only to try again after Alex Jones is daring Tim to get more hands on. You see Lee Ann take a very defensive stance after being let go on the other side of Alex Jones as he say “Tim Kennedy Ravishes Goddess”. Just a couple of guys learning how to treat the ladies.

Visit the Lee Ann McAdoo Wiki & Bio for more info.

From a girl who is trying hard to defend rape in other countries, she was very outspoken and promotive of the behavior, on her twitter she posted “@TimKennedyMMA Ravishes Goddess #UFC205“, I would go with “Not good self control or awareness”. On her Facebook she said “Alex is the biggest instigator“. Word on the street is that LeeAnn is suppose to be engaged and waiting to get married, but is hiding her potential future partner, this make things more complicated and Alex Jones looks slightly immature. Obvious Lee Ann was overwhelmed by the contact and forwardness. Later on twitter she said “Look(don’t touch)” which could be in reference to the situation or is at least a weird coincidence.

The whole situation blows my mind on how unprofessional and opposite of InfoWars main agenda it is, but has to be put up for viral purposes no matter the content.

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  1. McAdoo is incredibly unprofessional as are the men she works with. Look, it’s a woman’s job, in part, to command respect. McAdoo invites this behavior with her too-tight fitting, if not cleavage baring tops, her school girlish giggling, and coquettish behavior, all of which detract from her credibility.

    I don’t understand how Jones can purport to be pro-family values and to decry the hyper-sexualization of society while hiring sex pot female anchors. Now McAdoo isn’t particularly attractive. She has what can best be described as a “butter face.” But she does exude sexual energy, her primary source of attraction. She exudes this as she has sex on the brain, reflected in her attitude, dress, mannerisms….
    She is neither professional nor credible, leading to rumors that she broke up Alex Jones’ marriage, invites married men to sexually harass her while giggling girlishly. She has no class, standards, or professionalism.

    While the ladies of Fox may have been required by contract to dress seductively, at least their demeanor, in most cases, is professional. Think Diane Sawyer — attractive, classy, intelligent, focused, articulate. McAdoo comes across like a hormonal teenager tryng to flirt her way to the top….or even Emily Maynard, the Bachelorette — beautiful, but business-like/professional and classy. Even though she was stunning, men would not dared have acted to her as they do to McAdoo as she has class and standards…while McAdoo has none.

    I have been told she is supposedly sharp and dedicated to journalism. I just don’t see that. I see an unserious party girl who rankles her male colleague’s wives, disrupts the office with her flirtatious ways. Does Jones really think a girl wearing too-tight tops and exposing her cleavage as an anchor appropriate. What message is he trying to send? Does McAdoo care that people spend more time talking about her boobs than her work. She is a plain jane who has female parts — just, unlike ladies, prefers to be a jezebel.

    For a man professing to be Christian and family values — this is in excusable and detracts from the message. Apparently Jones is using her to get ratings (and therefore $) and to get off, as one might do peddling porn….McAdoo is rather pathetic.

    If she wants to be a sex pot, she should start her own Instagram account and post scantily clad pictures of herself or just start her own sex line…If she wants to be a serious journalist, she should be mindful of how she comes across.

    She is not attractive beyond her overly inflated breasts (boob job or bra padding?) and her sexual energy which comes from being young and preoccupied with sex. Serious, pure people don’t exude that energy — she is all party girl and hedonism. As she ages, her plain, homely face will become more pronounced and exposing breasts and giggling to get attention will just be pathetic, particularly when she doesn’t have the professionalism or background to back it up….

    Her sex pot ways are all over the Internet and will make anyone think twice about hiring and/or marrying her much less promoting her to any position of substance or influence…She is just insubstantial eye candy. Maybe Jones will marry her, though it seems he hires tough men and teenie bopper vacuous women as reporters, perhaps as he is insecure with his manhood and thinks the parade of dumb, interchangeable sex pot teenie boppers reflects his manhood rather than the fact that truly accomplished women wouldn’t lower themselves and that Jones himself has the mentality of an eternal adolescent.

    McAdoo, get some class, standards..and maybe read a book or two. The fate of vacuous party girls isn’t a pretty one. Once your sex appeal diminishes, as it inevitably will with age, your value as sex toy/distraction will be nothing and your admirers, who cant see beyond, will move on to the next sex pot of which there is one born every minute. No one wants or values the used sex toy. You are just “pleasure” to indiscriminate, adolescent men who are into you until the next sex tease comes along. Good men don’t want women like you. Good women don’t want to be you. The men you attract and are pandering to are of low quality, spiritually, intellectually. Congratulations for “catching” the eye of the wealthy CEO of InfoWars and breaking up a marriage (or two) by being a sex tease. One day you will realize the foolishness of your ways and wake up to the fact that you were used, undervalued, and merely a trick. Truth.

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