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Lee Ann McAdoo


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A bio with specific info about Lee Ann including her possible real name along with other aliases she goes by around the web. Many more bio tid bits are available including family and education. Check back for updates as time moves forward.

Alias: Lee Ann McAdoo –  is a name more than likely taken on during collage to hide the identity of her family.

Real Name:

  • Leeann Fleisner – Shows up with all her relative and living locations when running through people searches. College record pops up with matching year and location.
  • Sarah Epstein? – A name that has been floating around online is Sarah Epstein which can be found here, but the person sounds a little off the deep end or maybe a personal vendetta.
  • Could have the word “Lee” as middle or first name as it shows up regularly over time.

Age: Born in 1979 according to Or could on around 1985-1987 and is currently about 27-30 years old?, based on theory of getting out of high school at 18 and going to college right away for 4 years until 2011 and now being 2016.

Birthdate: February 7 – Based of a dated Feb 8 post from Lee Ann saying “Happy Birthday to me”, Feb 8th post from JoeBiggs saying “Happy Birthday”, same from JWTROLLI5oh on Feb 8th as well and another on Feb 10 Twitter post the reads “orangekrushgirls”Everything is bigger in Texas” 🎉Happy Birthday🎉Lee Ann MCAdoo @thebohemianlee #infowars #babe #badass #guns #illuminati #killer #austin #TX #leeannmcadoo #journalist and #fashionista #krush #krushgirl.

Height: 5′ 6-7″, based on photo with Alex Jones who is 5′ 10″.

Weight: ?

Nationality: Irish

Home Address: Austin, TX


Net Worth: With a recant poll on here website stating she was not sure whether she should pay off student loans now or later things look slightly on the starting out faze. Though things look a little on the shallow end now, someone is bound to give her better pay or a free ride sometime.

Drives: Jetta

Education: The University of Texas at Austin, Bachelor of Science, Broadcast Journalism

Work Experience:

  • Anchor/Reporter/Writer, 2013-current. Hired as a reporter contest winner.
  • Music Television Host, Balcony TV Austin May 2011 – May 2012
  • Texas Student Television, Sep 2009 – May 2011
  • LegitArt Entertainment Sep 2010 – Dec 2010

Location: Austin Texas. Right now Lee Ann is working at InfoWars and is within walking distance from work as she complained one time about not like police whistling at her while she was walking home from work.

Grow up in Sarasota, Florida.


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Bohemian Lee College – Twicsy

Bohemian Lee College – Twitter


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  1. On an show, she once made reference to a park in St. Louis, with a lake, where her parents and friends talked about the water being contaminated (and to not eat fish from that lake). She said she grew up there. I grew up there and believe that she was referring to Creve Coeur Lake. I knew of the same talk about that lake years ago.

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