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natural-chicken-feed-antibiotic-oregano-marjoram-sage-lavender-parsley-mint-parsley-herbsRaising healthy chickens isn’t hard if you have the natural foods they need, the healthier the chicken the better the eggs, meat and pet intelligent quality. Using herbs and the best complete nutritional supplement like ArthryDex for all recommended vitamins and minerals will ensure your chickens are the healthiest in the world.

Though vitamins are in plants, they only come from rain, ground, and added sources so many plants vary in vitamin mineral content even across same plant type. Using ArthryDex and the like will make sure your pet gets what it needs preventing birth defects and curing most disease. Works for birds, cats, dogs, horses, rodents, reptiles and probably just about every larger animal species. Using a water purifier is also a must with gravity feds filter like AlexaPure being best solutions on earth and very cost effective.

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Natural Herbs: Oregano Marjoram Sage Lavender Parsley Mint Parsley

Culinary herbs that have properties and are highly beneficial for chickens including Mint for repelling rodents and includes many mint variations, Oregano/Marjoram and Sage for there cure all effect and natural antibiotics,  Lavender for insecticide purposes and is said to calm laying hens, Parsley for laying stimulants and vitamins. All of these herbs are easy to grow for free inlarge amounts outside or in pots, plus there awesome for humans also which is a win win.

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