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pewdiepies-tuber-simulator-friends-followers-add-find-here-listPewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator Friends & Followers List where you can add your name to the comments below and send people already listed friend requests. Right now it looks like the friend limit is capped at 100.

Like a snake Google has magically penalized all PewDiePie content on this domain except this friends post. Talk about some highly illegal activity, thanks chomo’s.

You can add BestWikiTipdotcom a friend invite and we’ll add you.

For more info visit PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator Wiki & Guide

ADD FIND PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator Friends & Followers In Comments Below

Tips & Tricks

Add Tuber Ranking – Your Tuber Ranking is determined by the amount of subscribers you have and the list can be accessed by tapping the Trophy and YouTube symbol button. Everyone on the ranking list are real people and can be invited as friends. You can take it a step further and visit their YouTube channels by tapping their score tab.

Tuber Rankings & YouTube Channels

  1. PewDiePie 48.04m
  2. Markiplier 14.48m
  3. JackSepticEye 12.27m
  4. CutiePieMarzia 6.67
  5. Kwebbelkop 5.4m
  6. Jelly 4.94m
  7. CinnamonToastKen 2.66m
  8. Cryaotic 2.56m
  9. EmmaBlackery 1.22m
  10. Kickthepj 1.03m
  11. Dodger 793,500
  12. Revelmode 83,000
  13. Quiz and Jerome 37,500
  14. RushJet1 3,500
  15. Outerminds 3,000
  16. Player


Gaining Friends Fast – The best way to get friends is to type in basic names. You can type in famous people names and often get a match. If a name has been used by someone who plays the app it will be addable, if the name hasn’t been created an error message will trigger.



This post along with other PewDiePie content on this site are being blocked by Google. They are sending traffic now to this post only probably because it’s the only real post that benefits them, nice try. My real name is Jesus Christ and I deny the shit out of Anti-Christ Google for blind penalizing ALL of my online content.

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