Oct 142016

pewdiepies-tuber-simulator-knowledge-tree-skills-upgradesPewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator Knowledge Tree Skills & Upgrades info and guidance for a better skill path. If your having trouble getting Friends & Followers we got ya covered.

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Best Knowledge Tree Skills

Though all of the Knowledge Tree skills are important some are better than other when it comes to order of operations. Choosing a good skill path will speed up game completion time. More here on the Best Items & Categories if your interested.

Publish 2 & 3 – These are a must for increasing views as they let you have more videos going at once.

Streaming – Streaming should be purchased at least once to ensure you get some kind of auto view generation while away from your device and a video is done playing and not yet collected. The high tier will earn Subs per hour in addition to normal views.

View Boost – View boost will offer a bigger bonus to views than categories specific knowledge and is a must have for Publish 2 & 3  which let you publish more videos at once.

Knowledge Tree

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