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pewdiepies-tuber-simulator-quests-main-epic-daily-ad-guide-walkthroughPewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator Quests info to help clear the minds a bit for new players or maybe pick up somethings that were previously unknown. Quests can be viewed by tapping the Map with X icon in the lower right. If your not completely sure what a quest is you can tap it for more information.

Quest take time to recharge so they can be completed again with another random objective. You can also use Bux to reset a new quest instantly.

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Quest Types

Epic/Main – This is at the top and marked with a star on each side. When completed another will pop up in its place without needing to wait or use Bux to speed up.

Ad – This would be the second one down and has a blue Ad TV icon. You’ll have to make an account in order to complete this one as it directly relates to viewing and voting on other players rooms.

Quests Tips & Tricks

Leveled – Rewards are based on your level so the higher it is the better the prize.

Puggle – When having to play multiple Puggle games you can ship a cheap item, then play Puggle for lower view amount costs.

Extra Quest Slot – This can be unlocked by purchasing the upgrade in the Knowledge Tree View Boost>Mastering>Publish 2>Daily Quest


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