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pewdiepies-tuber-simulator-room-vote-competitionPewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator Room Vote Competition allows players to get artistic with the game props and show them off to developers for potential prizes and bonuses. Right now there are 3 rooms available where you can get creative and try out different things. Once items have been purchased they can be used in the others rooms for free, but you’ll have to pay again for expansions with Bux if you need more room. Once an item is placed you’ll have to purchase more to have multiple in a room together.

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Tips & Tricks

Unavailable Rooms – If you have altered the clock to speed time up for faster item production you will get a warning and will not be able to visit the other rooms. To fix this just have your device sync time with the internet, then restart the game. This will allow for entering the extra rooms again.

Best Items  – Having a lareg amount of items and props to choose from will probably help in the quest to imprest PewDiePie. Check out the Best Items & Categories to help decorate your rooms and speed up game progression.

Pre-Competition Room Videos

Even though the ability to vote on other peoples rooms isn’t available yet, PewDiePie is making videos showing rooms that have caught his eye. In the vid below PewDiePie talks about how the room competition isn’t up and running yet, but will be soon. If your still looking you can find and add Friends & Followers here.

Info on Tuber Ranking & YouTube Channels here.

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