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pewdiepies-tuber-simulator-tuber-ranking-youtube-channelsPewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator Tuber Ranking info & YouTube Channel links. Tuber Ranking can be viewed by tapping the gold trophy and shows real YouTubers, but has fake subscribers for game purposes. Each Tuber can be clicked on to view their real YouTube Channel which I have listed below just like in the game.

The player must work their way up the rankings as one of the end game completion goals. This will probably take a long time unless you choose Knowledge Tree skills that add Subs like Streaming which dramatically kick up the rate of new Subs automatically over time.

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Tips & Tricks

Add Tuber Ranking Channels For Friends – Your Tuber Ranking is determined by the amount of subscribers you have and the list can be accessed by tapping the Trophy and YouTube symbol button. Everyone on the ranking list are real people and can be invited as friends. You can take it a step further and visit their YouTube channels by tapping their score tab.

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Tuber Rankings & YouTube Channel Links

  1. PewDiePie 48.04m
  2. Markiplier 14.48m
  3. JackSepticEye 12.27m
  4. CutiePieMarzia 6.67
  5. Kwebbelkop 5.4m
  6. Jelly 4.94m
  7. CinnamonToastKen 2.66m
  8. Cryaotic 2.56m
  9. EmmaBlackery 1.22m
  10. Kickthepj 1.03m
  11. Dodger 793,500
  12. Revelmode 83,000
  13. Quiz and Jerome 37,500
  14. RushJet1 3,500
  15. Outerminds 3,000
  16. Player
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