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primal-legends-best-team-heroesPrimal Legends Best Team & Heroes info with a poll for group guidance. There are lots of options when it comes to choosing a team and placing heroes in your party, though some are much better than others. You’ll have to increase your level by completing new levels in order to acquire the best team members.

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Right now there is a total of 44 heroes which includes 17 Common, 14 Rare, 11 Epic and 2 Legendary. The higher the rarity the longer skills will take to charge. It will also increase the gold cost to upgrade.

Best Team

The best team can be different for individual players. There are several strategies that can focus DPS and improve strength.

Same Colors – Using the same color team members can dramatically increase the amount of skills that can be used. Since the bored resets pretty much after the enemy takes their turn chances are good that a match will show up for every color available.

Rarity – They higher the rarity the longer it will take to charge that heroes skill. Having a team of different rarities can keep the damage constantly moving will some charge fast and hit often while the rarer heroes hit really hard, but at a slower rate.

Attack & Support – Some heroes deal a ton of damage while others offer different support like freezing objects and enemies on the board. DPS seems to be a huge factor in most stages while certain support types can help get over larger hurtles.

Primal Legends Best Heroes & Characters

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