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primal-legends-gift-code-promo-codeThe Primal Legends Gift Code & Promo Code area can be found by tapping the setting gear in the bottom right corner of the screen while in town. Inside you can enter gift codes for various prizes including Gold, Rubies, and Heroes. So far most of the gift codes seem to be showing up on the developers Facebook page and it seems this might be the extent of where they are distributed to the public.

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Primal Legends Gift Codes will only last for a short period of time from a few days to a week or so. If not used by the time it expires you’ll have to wait for another promo to be posted to the Facebook page. They seem to be coming out about every week now

Many developers come out with games the have places to enter codes, but never release any to the public. It’s nice to see Primal Legends share the love a little with some freebies.

Since many mobile games seem to have a promo feature, but never use it I would have to assume it’s also used for cheating and hacking the games. From potential advertisers to friends of the developers these shortcut codes would offer a nice boost game currency and function making things more fun and less monetized.

While your waiting for the next code to hit the net you can check out the Primal Legends Best Team & Heroes guide for increasing DPS and saving gold on upgrades.

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