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primal-legends-wiki-guide-tip-trick-cheats-faq-reviewPrimal Legends Wiki & Guide with Tip & Tricks, Cheats, FAQ, Review and more. Primal Legends is a match making RPG strategy game developed by Kobojo and is available free for download on Google Play for Android and iOS on iTunes.


Primal Legends Wiki & Guide

Game Types

Beat Your Opponent – When only a health bar is show for an enemy defeating any blocks will cause HP damage. You’ll cause more damage though if you break all blocks in a row, then matches made will fly forward and hit the end of the board for more enemy HP loss. The best move would be to remove all enemy blocks with available moves and special hero skill attacks.

Tips & Tricks

Change Name – You can change your name for free by going into your profile and tapping the green pencil icon in the upper right. This could be useful in multiplayer, the opponents are chosen for you. Could confuse the heck out of friends.

Chests – Chest can be earner for free by completing stages, winning arenas, purchased from the store and freebies every 6 hrs and 5 arena wins. Chest that take a longer time to open contain a considerable larger amount of hero cards than quicker to open chests, this can be previewed before opening.

Farming EXP – You cant farm EXP in Primal Legends as the only way to earn it is by completing new stages. Exp is used to level up your main character which offers bonuses like more HP, gold, rubies and access to better heroes.

Locksmith Overwhelmed! – When all 6 chest slots are filled you will loose any new chests received when moving forward unless you free up another spot first. This can be a huge waste in free currency and heroes. Chest are one of the best places to find hero pieces for free. The waiting mechanism in this app requires you to wait before moving forward if chest are to be focused on. Waiting for chest gives a large advantage since it’s all free stuff.

Raise Hero/Skill DPS – You can have multiple of the same color heroes on the board and doing so will allow for more charge per match. If you have 2 red heroes then making matches with red will charge both of them and when one is normally ready to use their special attack, possibly 2 or more will be instead depending on amount needed to charge. This can be used to take down levels and big targets fast.

Rare & Epic Hero Cards (Common>Rare>Epic>Legendary) – One of the best place to find rare and epic cards is at the shop. Though they cost upto 10,000 gold, just buying one will unlock the hero for use. This can speed up finding them all and is great for getting rarer ones early.

Rubies – Rubies can be used for speeding up chests and purchasing chest or gold in the store. When buying gold with rubies you’ll get more for you money the more rubies spent. Buying gold also offers about 480,000 more gold than the gold you would find in a chest that is about the same amount in rubies.

Shop – Make sure to check the shop as you can often find new heroes, though things can get pretty expensive for higher rarities. Saving up for epic can be a great way to guarantee a high grade party member.


Primal Legends Gameplay video with a look at the different things available in-game.


Arena – When playing the arena any disconnect for the internet will cause an automatic loss and forfeit of the game. This would be more of an unfinished feature than a glitch. Being able to reconnect to a game from a paused state later would be the best alternative.

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