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Ragnarok Clicker Wiki Guide Tip Tricks Cheats Polls FAQA Ragnarok Clicker Wiki & Guide with Tip & Tricks, Cheats, Polls, an FAQ and more. Ragnarok Clicker is a AUTO RPG game which allows for earning income while away as well as hands on gaming. Ragnarok Clicker is developed by Playsaurus and is available for free with paid option on Steam.

Wiki & Guide – Ragnarok Clicker

Heroes – New heroes become unlock when you reach the previous ones price point and get more expensive as they go on.

Arcana the Novice – This is your first hero and which also takes most of the responsibility for click damage. All other heroes will passively put up DPS which is the damage done without clicking and offer passive skills that will link DPS grown with click damage.

Mageanger the Mage

Eden the Acolyte 250z

Lela the Archer 1,000z

Dagahr the Thief

Randi the Merchant 20Kz

Ward the Knight 10oKz

Jess the Wizard 400Kz

Phyllis the Hunter 2,500Kz

Dawn the Assassin 15,000Kz

Maven the Alchemist 100Mz

Priest Felicia 800Mz

Crusader Elliott 6,500Mz

Clare the Sage

Elena the Dancer

Denise the Rogue

Sheol the Ninja 35,000Bz

Ruby the Blacksmith 320Tz

Taekwon Girl Hannah


High Wizard Magdalena 3000qz

Zeal the Gunslinger 9,000qz

Quests –

Guild –

Transcend –

Tip & Trick

Achievements – These can be used to increase stats passively like DPS.

Boss Fight – Every 5 stages you will fight a boss with every 10 spot being the most difficult to defeat. Save your skills until boss fight will help avoid any more grinding than you have too. If skills aren’t enough then upgrading your strongest party members will usually do the trick, besides getting all the passive buffs and skills from the weaker team mates.

Turbo Mouse Clicker – There is probably a ton of different programs to do this, but I use Xpadder with a controller, then program one of the buttons for the left mouse and turn turbo on. So now all I do is hit a button on the controller and where ever the mouse is pointed it will click many time per second while just holding a button down. It’s recommended to use a turbo function with your clicker if your planning for the long haul as certain achievements may seem tedious.




Chests – Chests can appear on the battle field as an enemy an when defeated will drop large amounts of Zeny. Chests can also appear as tapable items in which case you need to use your mouse to click on them for large Zeny rewards along with free Emperiums.

Click Damage – The damage done by clicking the left mouse button on an enemy. Increasing Arcana the Novice level will make the most of this stat. Besides possible skills, most hero upgrades will increase DPS or the passive damage done without clicking the mouse button.

DPS – DPS stands for Damage Per Second and is produced by every hero except the main character Arcana the Novice. DPS is always on in the background and can be used to farm gold while away from your PC as well as moving faster through stages and quests.

Emperiums – This is a paid currency that can also be gotten for free by tapping Emperium chest during battle. One of the best upgrades by far to spend you hard earned paid currency on would be the double damage upgrade for 50 Emperium. If the game is left on over a period of time then multiple chest can stack up, after getting the first one another might show up right away and then possibly ongoing depending on how long the game has been on, you might need to click the screen for multiple drops.


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