Jan 082017

seven-guardians-wiki-guide-tips-cheats-walkthrough-downloadSeven Guardians Wiki with Guides, Tips, Cheats, Walkthroughs and more. Seven Guardians is a free to play Role Playing Game developed by 4:33 for Android and iOS. There are several modes of play including PvP Arena, Sanctuary, Guild Raids and more which are unlocked the stronger a player gets.

Check back in the near future for updated content and feel free to leave any questions or helpful advice int he comments below.

Seven Guardians Wiki & Guide

Best Hero – Warrior Rogue Warlord Defender Archer Golem Wizard

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Tips & Tricks

Seven Guardians Tips and Tricks will be right here as soon as we have some. Feel free to to mention any juicy tidbits in the comments.


Seven Guardians Cheat will probably never happen since it cuts into the developers income and makes online play unfair for players. The closes thing to cheating would be using coupons codes which only offer a few gifts of free items and goods.




After the initial installation another 500+mb will need to be download before playing.

Seven Guardians Download on Google Play for Android

Seven Guardians Download on iTunes for iOS

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