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Sioux Falls Website Builder Repair SEO Social Personal Biz Webmaster Cheap FastMy name is Phil and I am a webmaster for hire is Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Below are services that I offer along with prices at the bottom and contact info.

I can do just about anything to a website with my best ability being able to drive traffic to websites using SEO or Search Engine Optimization. I get content on the first page of Google on almost every post with many of them ranking #1 getting small to massive traffic. Websites that have been up for awhile are awesome because you can make small adjustments and get big to massive results fast.

* Fix up already made websites making them more search engine friendly to increase visibility, speed and traffic:

If you already have a website there is a good chance that it may not have been configured to the search engines with SEO. Many websites like businesses and towns have no idea that there are tons of keywords people are searching locally that if targeted right drive traffic straight to your business. For example, a pizza store could put up a post titled “Sioux Falls Pizza Delivery” and get traffic on Google for people searching for  “Sioux Falls Pizza Delivery”. There is currently nobody in Sioux Falls targeting “Sioux Falls Pizza Delivery” which is the number 1 search for term after Sioux Falls pizza. EVERY pizza delivery business is missing out in Sioux Falls right now by not spending a little time to add a post or ad on their website targeting online searches. It’s seem like businesses never use a website for all it’s potential and this is where they can benefit the most by grabbing customers hands trying to reach out to anyone online. I can show you how to monitor keywords customers are typing in to target them with content and get them into your stores off and online. The content produces passive reoccurring traffic that becomes an auto running gear for your business driving sales up.

* New Websites for Personal Use, Business, Towns, Education, Magazines, News, Photography and really anything:

If you do not have a website I can make one appear out of nowhere for you in minutes to hours depending on the theme, type, name. Most people think a website is a huge complicated expensive thing that you need an education to run. The truth is the hardest thing about a website is finding the best quality with knowing how to set it up, knowing how can take 5-10 minutes. To make changes to a website is easyier than using Microsoft Word. WordPress and other website platforms are very user friendly making many aspects self explanatory.  Most people would be able run a website on their own after an hour or two of going over what to do. I can get a new website on the first page of Google in 2 days – 2 weeks and depending on the domain name often getting the website in the #1 spot on Google. I can show you how to check competition, put up content and target specific keywords for search engine traffic ranking first page most of the time with many #1 rankings.

* Themes are how a website looks and runs, you can pick from thousands of different themes online for free and paid. I don’t charge for any themes and many themes can be changed to another with the click of a button. Here are some themes available for personal or business use:

2000+ Free Themes
Free E-Commerce store add on WooCommerce turn many of the 2000+ website themes above into a store to sell things online
Free E-Commerce store add on WP Commerce

* Domain or Business Name Help – When making a name for a business for a website certain things matter like simplicity for easy memorability, size and choosing keywords that can be targeted for easy traffic. Domain keywords are the most important and will be the ones you rank best for in the search engines.

* Make Logos – I can make and manipulate logos or direct you to other online logo makers.

* Learn To Blog and Earn Passive Income – Google ranking is a word and competition game. Constantly talking on the internet with healthy blog posts over a period of 1-2 months will build ranking letting you target specific words like “red purse” or whatever your into and getting ranked on the first page which sends traffic to your website, then they click on ads where your can earn a profit. When content on your website gets traffic like a post talking about “red purses” it will consistently get traffic every day without any more work needed from you. This effect produces money passively 24 hours a day 7 days a week and can be increased by very large amounts, $1,000+ a month,

* Social Media – Can hook up all types of social media including Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube and tons more. Even though you don’t plan on using social media have the big ones like Facebook attached to your website can only help in the search engines and is a must for ranking high in search.

Cost for Services

Minimum Costs for Maintaining a Website with Hosting & Domain
Hosting: $12 a year for Hosting or around $1 a month. Hosting is a remote hard drive that stores your website, must have.
Domain: $15 a year for a domain like .com , .org or .net which is about $2 first year than $15 a year every year after. A domain is like online real estate with words and is the website part.

$27 a year would be to total base cost for maintaining a website including hosting and 1 domain name. This cost does not include and service charge to myself, but is what a web site owner would be responsible for with bills to keep it up and running long term. It’s super cheap and easy have and maintain a website. People will be impressed to hear that you run a website and it can help dramatically when including it on a job application. If you put Google Adsense ads on as well than you can work for Google for free getting payed passively, a huge confidence booster.

New Websites Service Charge

$100 plus Hosting and Domain cost above for basic website with SEO help on how to use it, but with few pictures, little content, and social media. Takes 2+ hours depending on user specifications.

$300 plus Hosting and Domain cost above or fully configured website with pictures, content, social media, SEO and more personal attention. Can take multiple sit downs talking about options and configuring the website to your liking and needs, behind the scenes work time can be 10+ hours.

Website Repair & Upgrade Charge

$20/hour for repairs, upgrades, social media, SEO and general advice for existing websites.

Contact Info

Call Phil 24/7 at 1-605-six five nine-4785 with any questions, if no answer leave a message and I’ll get back to you asap. I give free estimates and advice on what to do so feel free to call anytime.

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