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super-villain-war-lost-heroes-wiki-guide-tips-tricks-walkthrough-cheatsSuper Villain War Lost Heroes Wiki, Guide, Tips & Tricks, Walkthrough, Cheats and more. Super Villain War: Lost Heroes is a free to play with paid option Role Playing game for Android. The app is very new so the chances of it coming out for other systems is a possibility.

Super Villain War Lost Heroes Wiki & Guide

Best Heroes Villains & Defense Support Attack Type Poll

Buildings & Features

Alter of Darkness (Adellan Stage 9)
Clinic (Adellan Stage 10)
Colosseum (Lin Forest Stage 5)
Defense Turret (Adellan Stage 5)
Explore (Available at Start)
Farm (Lin Forest Stage 10)
Guild Battlefield (Lin Forest Stage 3)
Harbor (Lin Forest Stage 10)
HQ (Lin Forest Stage 3)
Iron Bank (Adellan Stage 5)
Laboratory (Lin Forest Stage 9)
Market (Lin Forest Stage 10)
Mine (Lin Forest Stage 2)
Prison (Available at Start)
Ranch (Lin Forest Stage 10)
Villian Hall (Available at Start)

Tips & Tricks



Super Villain War: Lost Heroes cheats will probably never happen since it would cut into the developers profits pretty good I suppose. The best way to cheat in titles like these is to play smart and try to think ahead.


Download Super Villain War: Lost Heroes on Google Play for Android

Download Super Villain War: Lost Heroes on iTunes for iOS


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