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Tales of Link Wiki Guide Tips Tricks Cheats WalkthroughA Tales of Link Wiki with related info including Guides, Tips, Tricks, Cheats, Walkthroughs and more. Tales of Link is a free-to-play RPG available for download free on Google Play.

Be sure to check back to this Wiki in the near future for Tales of Link new and updated content on Guide, Tips, Walkthrough and who knows what else.

Tales of Link Wiki & Guide


Quests – Quests are one of the best places to move forward in the game including earning currency, gaining levels and earning new equipment. If you loose during a quest you’ll have to spend a Hero Stone or you’ll have to start over later losing everything you earned in the process.

Missions – Missions are small than quest and can be completed instantly by using Hero Stones.

Party – The Party screen is the place to get a lot of stuff done when it comes to building up the best hero. You can arrange the party, set guardian/leaders, train units for more strength, release units that are no longer needed and toy woth the limit break.



Summon – Summons are used to acquire new guardians and gear.

Friends – Friends are a must have, but it’s a good idea to be selective. Try to take heroes that are over powered and strong enough to pull their weight. Having some strong friends around can often be the difference between a win and a loss.

Tips & Tricks

Log In Bonus – By logging in ever day you can gain Hero Stones, LP, and Hero Points along with other gits that have to be retrieved from the gift box. When playing for the first time or around holidays or special events you might get more than the average bonus.




Right now there doesn’t seem to be any Tales of Link cheats available at the moment. There could be something special with an update, but I highly doubt we see anything close to console commands for this title.

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